Financial Services: How a Positive Employee Experience can Reduce Risk

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Financial services firms are suffering from an acute skills shortage, heightening the pressure on those currently working in the sector, who are left to cope with daunting workloads. Meanwhile employers are painfully aware of the importance of staff retention. It is a paradoxical scenario. Employers need their employees to do more, but they can’t push them too hard as their services are highly in demand by rival companies.

The answer is to optimise the employee experience. Engaged employees are more productive, happier, and less likely to leave. A recent report found that businesses with highly engaged staff had 59% less staff turnover than those with low engagement. Employees who are free from stress are also less likely to make mistakes, cause accidents and are better equipped to contain and manage risk.

Discover some simple ways you can improve business performance, reduce risk and retain top talent by optimising your people’s employee experience.