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Over 30,000 people use WeThrive to find out how engaged their people are, which areas are working well and what they can do to improve the weaker areas.

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Breathe and WeThrive – perfect partners

Connecting the two platforms takes 60 seconds. Sending an engagement survey using WeThrive is super quick and easy. Sync your people data instantly using your Breathe API key – no more exporting data to Survey Monkey or TypeForm.

Get rich, actionable data – in 7 days

The biggest challenge (and why most people dread surveying more than once a year) is translating the data and insights into action.

With WeThrive you don’t have to. Unlike the DIY approach or other software, WeThrive instantly tells you what to do next. Your post-survey action plan delivers instant, easy-to-follow recommendations so you can achieve quick wins and have a massive impact.

Rapidly improve engagement, retention and productivity

WeThrive surveys are designed by psychologists to cover every aspect of working life. They provide a baseline understanding of how engaged your people are and identifies the key areas for improvement in your organisation. Creating happier, engaged and thriving teams has never been easier.

Your Starter Kit contains:

  • Unlimited engagement & pulse surveys with results delivered in 7 days
  • Instant action plans & recommendations at every level of the business
  • 350+ curated learning resources linked to your recommendations
  • Ready-made Powerpoint / PDF board pack
  • Online 121 results review with a WeThrive expert to answer any questions and make sure you get the maximum value from your results

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