To have a positive impact on the lives of 20m people

That’s it plain and simple – it’s big but the Thrivologists are more than up to the job.

The heart of a purpose driven business

The real purpose of our business is to help millions of people have a better quality of life. Imagine people coming home from work; less stressed, feeling good about the days work – not coming home and kicking the dog or shouting at the kids.

Think that through – the impact that would have on their life, the impact that would have on everyones life, the time spent with family and friends…. beautiful. And we help that happen every day, every week and every year… all around the world. Worth getting up for!

The team at WeThrive is exceptional – hand-picked as experts in their respective fields and sharing the vision of a happier workplace for everyone – we may be a small but we move mountains everyday to work towards our 10 year goal and love what we do.

Our absolute focus is on delighting our customers and helping them help their staff – we do this by making sure we understand their objectives and how WeThrive needs to be deployed to deliver those, by building and investing in world-class product and providing top notch customer support.

Our Q2 2016 Net Promoter Score was 82 – clear proof that we genuinely put our customers at the forefront of everything we do.

It’s great to make a difference to people’s lives. We’re reminded every time we see a manager’s eyes light up as they realise how much better things can be once they understand how their people feel. Our case studies show real examples of the difference WeThrive can make to the individuals in an organisation – happier people = better results!

Read more about purpose driven business here on our CEO’s LinkedIn profile.

If you share our vision of a workplace where staff love their work, feel connected with your vision, have everything they need and feel confident and calm… then dive in – your managers and staff will thank you for it!

Life at WeThrive

Our business is all about people – here our team of thrivologists share how they will help you and your organisation and share their views on what it means to thrive.

Andrew Heath and Piers Bishop, Founders

Gareth Abraham, Chief Sales Officer

Richard Adams, Chief Operating Officer

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