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We’re on a mission to help people thrive in the workplace through our employee experience HR tech with psychological intelligence at its root.

When technology and psychology collide

WeThrive was created by Andrew Heath and Piers Bishop who collectively have years of corporate experience, but whose paths first crossed as patient and psychotherapist. Andrew’s experience with post-traumatic symptoms following intensive care and Piers’ approach to treatment led to an unexpected and empowering business partnership.

In a world of digital overload the coaching consultant and business psychologist duo combined their experiences to create employee experience HR tech with psychological intelligence at its root. WeThrive helps organisations to find out how their employees really feel, providing them with the guidance they need to take action right away and make a real difference.

It’s time we did more than just listen

We’re reminded of this every time we see a manager’s eyes light up as they realise how much better things can be once they genuinely understand how their people feel.

There are many employee survey products out there that merely scratch the surface and therefore the feedback generated rarely leads to any real change. To truly help employees thrive you need to go beyond shallow survey questions to uncover the subconscious factors that affect your employees. Line managers also need the guidance and resource to react to these factors and take the necessary action.

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WeThrive Values

1. People and Profit

A good business is good to its people. We don’t put profit before our people and help businesses do the same.

2. Do Something

Too many businesses collect people data and then don’t do anything with it. We believe in transforming listening data into coaching actions.

3. Make Waves

Listening to your employees is one thing, but accepting their feedback and making changes is another. Be brave, make waves and evolve.

Life at WeThrive

Our business is all about people – here our team of Thrivers share how they will help you and your organisation and share their views on what it means to thrive.

Andrew Heath and Piers Bishop, Founders

Richard Adams, Chief Operating Officer

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