About Us

We’re striving to make 1 million people across the globe more productive at work.

Our Mission

We design, build and support world class technology, empowering people to create amazing employee experiences for themselves, their teams and organisations.

Using human psychology we identify who needs what help, why and specifically what to do next. Just like having a psychologist, teacher and coach with you 24/7.

“Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

– Dalai Lama


      Andrew Heath                          Piers Bishop

       Co-Founder                              Co-Founder


Our Story

After being hospitalised with Swine Flu in 2010 Andrew Heath was lucky to be alive, but the trauma of the experience had a profound effect on him.

Shortly after, Andrew met Piers Bishop, a psychotherapist specialising in helping people with PTSD recover, a place Andrew found himself in following this critical illness.

After meeting at a pub in Sussex they discussed the need to help people feel positive and engaged at work – and WeThrive was born.

Combining Andrew’s background in software and Piers’ knowledge of workplace psychology they set out to place employee engagement at the heart of company cultures around the world.

COVID-19 resurfaced many painful memories for Andrew, but we were proud to play our part by giving WeThrive away for free to anyone who needed help. Many of those organisations have now joined us as clients, putting their people front and centre of everything they do.

Our Values

People First

We are a people-centric business, creating and developing everything around our core human needs.


We push beyond the norm, challenging ourselves, our clients and our business to put people first.


The backbone of all human relationships. We hold this value above all else. Non-negotiable.

Our Science

Unique to WeThrive, the 4C employee experience model makes it easy to understand the causes of stress and anxiety at work and the negative effect they have on health, motivation, engagement and performance.

Developed by WeThrive Founder and Business Psychologist, Piers Bishop, these key areas make it easy to know what your people need.

If you want to find out more hover over the different areas of the 4C employee experience model or visit our 4C Model page.

WeThrive 4C Model

Getting Started

Step 1

Create your personal WeThrive bubble and take your survey

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Getting Started

Step 2

Get back your results! Your digital psychologist will analyse the data and present it back to you.

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Getting Started

Step 3

Identify where you are struggling and see how you can progress with personalised action plans. Create goals to help you get there with your digital coach.

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Getting Started

Step 4

Understand the steps you can take to progress with personalised eLearning content provided by your digital teacher.

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Getting Started

Step 5

Reissue surveys at your discretion to run another self-analysis check. Manage your ongoing progress to see engagement, wellbeing and productivity soar.

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