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  • Actionable insights to improve retention of staff.
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  • Focusing on purpose and delivering for stakeholders.

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WeThrive for Charities & Not for Profit Organisations

With cost of living impacting running costs and donations the sector is under immense pressure. With high staff turnover driven largely by burnout and stress improving wellbeing, engagement and productivity are vital to keep charities & NFPs delivering their strategies.

Charities WeThrive work with

Act quickly to reduce staff turnover

In our recent report with Inside Housing 77% of organisations had staff turnover above 10% – with burnout being the primary cause. With the average cost to replace a UK employee of £30,614* the financial drain on charities is enormous.

WeThrive quickly identifies where in the organisation people are struggling with their wellbeing and provides easy to follow action plans for managers to follow. Every recommendation is supported with curated learning content and resources to maximise the impact.

“It has taken what used to be a hugely onerous manual internal process with limited outcomes, and given us a very easy to manage system that gives both high level stats for reporting as well as actionable steps that we can take to improve scores. ”

Chris Worthing homesChris, HR & Governance Manager, Worthing Homes

Empower your managers to engage their teams

According to McKinsey, 75% of employees say the most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate boss, which negatively affects engagement, productivity and retention.

Engage+ gives managers 3 productivity and 3 wellbeing goals with action plans and resources so they can rapidly re-engage their people and reduce levels of stress and anxiety.

“Staff find WeThrive surveys easy to use and managers have said they particularly like the personalised recommendations and ideas for actions for their teams as it helps them when drawing up action plans following survey results.”

Stef Sparko, HR Administrator, CABI

Align everyone to your mission and purpose

​Performance reviews rarely deliver the value or quality outcomes that housing associations need and are often dreaded by both managers and employees.

Perform makes PDRs and 121s almost frictionless- with WeThrive clients regularly getting 90%+ completion. This gives everyone the freedom to focus on the quality of the conversation – addressing performance gaps and aligning everyone to the strategic objectives.

WeThrive & Inside Housing Report

​Download a copy of our staff turnover and wellbeing report we produced in association with Inside Housing. It is packed with information with 82% of respondents deeply concerned about the impact of high turnover on their ability to deliver their objectives.

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