Employee engagement case studies

Employee engagement case studies from WeThrive clients. Learn how our clients have used WeThrive to transform their organisations and build happy, productive and empowered teams in these employee engagement case studies.

How Artisanal Spirits Prioritise Employee Development

Laura Hardie
HR Manager, Artisanal Spirits PLC

Artisanal Spirits and Laura Hardie, their Business Partner turned HR Manager are reimagining their performance management process to ensure every individual can discuss their progression and development opportunities in a dedicated, quality 1:1s every month. To achieve this, Laura has moved the organisation away from an annual, DIY process and partnered with WeThrive to deliver consistent, quality conversations for all their people.

How Future Biogas are aspiring to transform their performance management process using WeThrive

Jenny Bannerman, Head of HR
Future Biogas

Future Biogas is a renewable energy company operating in the UK. They are a leader in the anaerobic digestion industry, both developing and operating anaerobic digestion plants in the UK.…

How Hunter Gatherer AHP rapidly improved employee wellbeing

Viktorija Smerdovaite
Hunter Gatherer AHP

We were pleased to see that physical health has gone up by +12%, which is a huge improvement for us!

How Herbosch-Kiere Ltd Created a Positive Culture of Wellbeing

Allister Humby
Herbosch-Kiere Ltd

We like how WeThrive sheds light on opportunities as well as vulnerabilities, so we plan to continue distributing the surveys regularly to help identify any potential risks and address them quickly. The surveys also confirm that our latest initiatives are working. Our current recruitment drive will result in the team expanding, so we hope to see everything we’ve put in place benefit our current and new employees alike.

Croydon Orthodontic Practice

Alex Mogg
HR Consultant, Croydon Orthodontist

I have been extremely impressed with the WeThrive product. As a new user, we have found the onboarding process extremely professional and the service has been excellent. Our team has found the system very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Having just received our first set of results, as a business it has been very revealing and helpful to see the various data analysis and how we compare to other companies within and outside of our industry. As a management team, this has really allowed us to laser focus our attention on the correct areas to maximise value for our staff and us as a business. Thank you to the team at WeThrive, particularly to Rachel and Lauren who have made the whole process seamless and highly successful.

Volt International empower their managers

Cheryl Conway
Head of HR, Volt International

As Volt International’s Head of HR, during the early part of 2021 I came across WeThrive entirely by chance and I am so glad that I did! The heatmaps that the survey generated gave us insight into the areas of our business where we had challenges to deal with, which to be honest we probably didn't even know existed! We found so much value in the post-survey action plans, which were filled with a wealth of resources, recommendations and training material that has been really useful and has provided us with tools to help develop our managers to get the best out of their people.

How Harwoods enabled their managers to boost engagement

Sue Hossack
Learning and Engagement, Harwoods

Harwoods designed their manager conference around the theme “Relay” with all messages connecting back to this. They created a fun activity to get their managers even more involved in discussing the challenges in their teams and, importantly, working out how to fix them. They went back to sports day with 100 managers joining forces for a mega relay race featuring 4 enormous cubes – each relating to one of the surveys low scoring areas.

DBD Distribution

Sam Bernard,
Director, DBD Distribution

“We’ve been conducting engagement surveys with our team for many years and have learnt much from the experience. I would have to say that the WeThrive survey is the best we’ve come across because it’s simple to complete for our team and so easy to analyse and then create real-world actions to improve. The analysis session we held with Lauren at WeThrive also really helped us to accurately understand the feedback so that we focus in on the right areas for improvement. I would recommend the system to any Company wanting to better understand and improve their levels of engagement.”

WeThrive survey results power change

Sandra Locke
Global Director of Human Resources

“The aim was to tease out what colleagues thought worked well and also what needed to change. We were keen to understand the underlying factors contributing to employee stress in order to improve wellbeing in the workplace…The results were fascinating. It became clear that it was also important that people felt connected to Lombard International’s values as an organisation.”

Harwoods save 360 days of senior management time

Archie Harwood
CEO, Harwoods

We selected WeThrive because they offered us a refreshing new approach to the traditional employee survey…a way of taking the temperature of our employees in a creative and informed way. The data the survey provides us with will only strengthen how we can enhance our employees engagement further. It feels like we’ve found a great partner to work with!

Ergro improve team relationships during lockdown

Paul Martin
Managing Director at Ergro

“WeThrive just got us from the start. We tendered WeThrive against two other large, international organisations, Lattice and Supermood. WeThrive was competitive but they took the time to understand Ergro and our needs from the outset. WeThrive was extremely easy to deal with. The set up of the system and formulation of the survey questions very straightforward, our 100% completion rate being testament to this.”

Design Cleaning at WeThrive

Elad Amir
Director, Design Cleaning

"We chose WeThrive because it gives a voice to people in areas they may not have been able to verbalise before. The platform broke down the data into so many different segments that it really covered all bases.”

Pantaenius improve communication and company culture

Mike Wimbridge
Managing Director, Pantaenius

“However perceptive we think we might be, we cannot speak for another individual. Often, we’re just projecting our own ideas and concerns. Using WeThrive means that we can make real, non-invasive data-based decisions.”