Create a high performance culture that  delivers maximum shareholder value.

Focus on your people and mission.

Streamline the process.

  • Maximise value by aligning everyone to your strategy.
  • Create a culture of excellence and innovation to win.
  • Empower your managers to lead high performance teams.

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WeThrive for Enterprises and PLCs

As an enterprise creating a winning culture can set you apart can give you the competitive advantage. Shareholders and investors want to know that what you say about your people, culture and diversity in your annual report is backed up with a solid strategy, actions and evidence. Retaining you top talent, developing your people and boosting performance are the foundation on which your business success depends.

Harnessing Culture for Competitive Advantage

People really are your greatest asset. Maintaining alignment, engagement, and productivity is paramount if you want to standout in the market. Traditional engagement surveys can be cumbersome and often yield data that is difficult to act upon – causing engagement to drop.

The WeThrive 4C model delves into your employees’ experiences, offering instant reporting and actionable recommendations. With a dedicated account manager and expert insights, WeThrive empowers you to make strategic improvements in engagement. Our commitment to your success is backed by a money-back guarantee, making it a risk-free investment in your people’s engagement, performance and well-being.

Empowering Leaders for Success

A staggering 75% of employees cite their direct manager as a significant source of job stress, highlighting the critical need for effective management training and tools.

WeThrive equips managers with a comprehensive dashboard, enabling them to quickly identify and address team needs, set goals, and enhance engagement without getting bogged down in administration. By simplifying the management process, WeThrive helps alleviate the pressures on managers, ensuring teams feel valued and engaged.

Driving Outstanding Team Performance

Despite the widespread implementation of performance reviews, many organisations find these processes reduce performance. According to a Deloitte report 1 in 10 executives felt their process drove engagement and high performance.

WeThrive’s approach to Personal Development Reviews and one-on-ones minimises admin and significantly enhances the quality of these crucial conversations.

With an impressive completion rate for review requests, WeThrive ensures discussions are focused on performance improvement and aligning team efforts with company objectives, rather than on bureaucratic procedures.


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