Don’t lose sight of the individuals within your organisation: invest in your people for the cost of a coffee a month

How SMEs use WeThrive

As your business grows it’s easy to lose sight of the individuals within the organisation. But, if you strip away the systems, policies and procedures all you are left with are the people. Without your people working effectively together towards a common goal no business can succeed.

For SMEs losing key players in the organisation can set you back months in delivering on your strategy – not to mention the expense and disruption of recruiting a replacement. By understanding the issues that are niggling away at key people you can do something, before it’s too late.

  • Increase staff retention and keep the best talent

    Engage, develop and retain your talent by tuning in to their individual needs and drivers to create a sustainable high performance culture.
  • Help your managers be better managers
    According to the Investors in People 2018 Job Exodus Trends report 1 in 4 workers feel unhappy at work, citing poor management as the core reason for wanting to move jobs. WeThrive provides your managers with the toolkit they need to build better relationships with their people – improving retention and productivity at the same time.
  • Understand staff and help increase their effectiveness
Our unique 4C model makes it easy to understand the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace. WeCoach instantly tells you and your managers what to do to get people back on track and increase productivity.
  • Reduce the causes of stress and anxiety that leads to absenteeism
    The majority of the time workplace issues can be resolved via dialogue – it’s simple really: once you understand who feels what and why, you can help. WeThrive uncovers these issues and translates them into easy to follow action plans. Less stress = less absence.

WeThrive SME clients already enabling their staff to thrive:

How can WeThrive help you

Are you a CEO trying to drive your business forwards?

We understand that it always ‘hurts’ a little when people resign, particularly if it is someone you recruited liked, or they were doing a really good job. If you had the time to sit down with every single member of your team over your favourite frothy coffee we’re pretty sure you would.

However, the reality of running an SME is that you are running at a million miles an hour so it’s probably not going to happen.

WeThrive costs from £2.70 per person per month, that’s less than the cost of a coffee for one of your team. For that you will get a crystal clear picture of what motivates your people and most importantly, what can be done to unlock their full potential. Our clients have achieved 15% more productivity, 25% less sickness and 26% higher retention!

Are you an HR Manager with limited time and resource?

Short on HR resource? No problem, WeCoach action plans are line manager ready, easy to follow and come with curated learning content, allowing you and your managers to dive deeper into the underlying drivers of motivation, engagement, retention and wellbeing.

Following survey feedback WeThrive will show you precisely what to do for your staff, their teams and the entire organisation to get them to where they need to be in order for the business, and the individuals within it, to thrive.

The best part for an over-stretched HR team is that WeThrive get’s you upstream of the people issues before they become people problems:

25% less sickness = 25% less back to work interviews and 26% higher retention – less time spent talking to agencies, running ads, screening candidates, onboarding and so on!

Do you remember your best ever boss?

Take a minute to think back to the best line manager you ever had… it’s likely that the reason they stick in your memory is because they ‘got you’, were attentive, and took the time to nurture and coach you. WeThrive employee engagement software provides managers with the toolkit to achieve that.


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