Transforming the UK Financial Services sector by addressing business risk and talent retention

Focus on your people, performance & reduce risk

  • Cultivate a corporate culture that not only meets regulatory expectations but also drives your team to excel.
  • Prioritise your workforce to reduce talent risk and sustain high productivity levels.
  • Streamline your performance management and support for your employees.

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WeThrive for Financial Services & Insurance

Ensure your financial services firm is navigating the complex regulatory landscape efficiently, with your entire team aligned and focused on both performance and compliance. Address cultural challenges quickly and equip your leaders with the insight, support and resources to oversee teams that deliver excellent customer service and manage risk effectively.

Culture and Compliance for Competitive Advantage

Aligning corporate culture with the rigorous demands of compliance is not just beneficial—it’s essential. Traditional engagement surveys run once a year can be unwieldy, delivering only overwhelming data with little actionable insight or meangingful conclusions.

The WeThrive 4C model offers a more frequent and targeted approach, delving deep into how your employees feel about their experience at work environment – across engagement, EDI and wellbeing. Instant reporting and tailored recommendations empower you to make informed decisions that bolster both engagement and retention.

Supported by your dedicated account manager WeThrive delivers a strategic approach to cultural and engagement, ensuring your firm is well-positioned to manage risks and retain top talent. Our commitment is underscored by a money-back guarantee, offering a risk-free pathway to enhancing your team’s effectiveness.

“Our bi-annual survey has helped us to quickly identify pressure points in the business and act swiftly to tackle challenges and improve matters by increasing staffing levels and reviewing targets with teams feeling under pressure.”

Lyndsay Hirst
 Lyndsay Hirst
Access Insurance

Empowering Leaders to Manage Risk and Talent

The role of management is critically amplified by the need to manage the complex regulations (SMCR) and the needs of their people. A significant portion of job-related stress among employees can be attributed to management, directly impacting engagement, retention and performance.

WeThrive equips your managers with a comprehensive dashboard which simplifies the complex process of managing teams in a high-stakes environment, ensuring that managers can effectively lead their teams to success without being overwhelmed by the dual challenges of performance management and compliance adherence.

Enhancing Performance and Compliance

The traditional approach to performance reviews often falls short in the highly regulated environment of UK financial service industry. WeThrive revolutionises Personal Development Reviews and 121s by making them more efficient and significantly improving the quality of conversations around performance using Intelligendas.

With a high completion rate of performance review requests, WeThrive ensures that these critical conversations are focused on addressing performance improvements and aligning the employee with the strategic objectives of the firm.


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