Understanding Human Psychology at Work

We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the science of people at work

Holistic engagement, wellbeing & D&I software

WeThrive takes a joined up approach to engagement, mental health & wellbeing and DEEI.

At work our personal experience is central to our success. But this doesn’t exist in a vacuum. Our mental health & wellbeing and our sense of belonging & inclusion are woven into our wider employee experience.

WeThrive’s 4C psychological models were developed by WeThrive Co-Founder Piers Bishop, a psychotherapist specialised in Human Needs psychology and member of the Association for Business Psychology with contributions and expertise from GPs, practical psychology and psychotherapy.

These models examine the conscious and subconscious areas that impact people at work. Our survey questions, recommendations, goals and learning resources are all framed around the 4Cs.

“We liked the 4C Model and the psychology behind the survey questions. We liked the fact that the platform offers solutions on how to tackle sensitive areas and drill into individual results linking to learning resources to help plan one to ones. We found the team professional and approachable and the system is sleek and intuitive to use”

– Pip Muir, CPO, Me Learning

WeThrive employee engagement 4C model

Employee Engagement and Experience

The 4C employee engagement model makes understanding the causes of low motivation, engagement and performance simple.

Developed by WeThrive Founder and Psychologist, Piers Bishop, our model diagnoses the likely causes of upset and underperformance. These areas make it easy to identify exactly what your people need to work best and how to deliver real improvements.

Hover over the different areas of the 4C model to find out more.

Survey questions fall into four areas of working life:

Cognitive – What the team have in their heads
Capability – Perception on support and resources
Connection – The subconscious invisible ‘human stuff’
Confidence – The conscious ‘feelings’ about work

Mental Health and Wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing 4C model was developed with contributions and expertise from GPs, practical psychology and psychotherapy. It identifies which areas of people’s lives are hindering their mental health and happiness.

The model focuses primarily on our psychological needs, but it also assesses physical needs like sleep and movement. Identifying and resolving these needs lessens both physical and psychological symptoms of our fight or flight response and stress, which improves mental wellbeing.

Our mental health and wellbeing survey questions fall into four areas of life:

Comfort – Our needs that enable our mind and body system to calm down, rest and heal
Connection – Our primitive need for togetherness with our fellow humans
Capability – Our emotions are the driving force and motivation behind all our behaviour
Core – Our core psychological needs for safety, control and respect

WeThrive Mental health and wellbeing 4C model

WeThrive Diversity Equality Equity and Inclusion 4C model

Diversity, Equality, Equity & Inclusion

The DEEI survey was developed with over 70 years of combined business experience. The contributors expertise in DEEI, people management and practical psychology enabled us to create a model that focuses on what really matters to people.

Well-functioning, meaningful and purposeful diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion enables us to create workplace conditions where everyone’s needs are met, regardless of their background, identity, abilities, or circumstances.

Our DEEI survey questions fall into four areas of life:

Comfort – How equal and comfortable people feel
Capability – The level of equity in the workplace
Connection – How inclusive the workplace is
Collective – How diversity is working

Frequently asked questions

How long does WeThrive take to set up?

WeThrive can be accessed via your browser on any device, so implementation is very quick and easy. Setting up your WeThrive account takes just a few minutes. Our customer success team can guide you through importing your people’s data, or you can follow our 5 simple steps help guide.


Scheduling your first survey takes just 5 minutes. After importing your data, employee surveys can be taken the same day or you can schedule your first survey for a later date. (We recommend allowing sufficient time for pre-survey communication so that you maximise your participation rates.)


This means surveys results, action plans and curated content can be in front of managers and administrators instantly.

Is there a limit on how many surveys we can send?

No, you have an unlimited number of surveys in your account. Individuals can also take surveys as often as they like to ensure they get the best employee experience possible.

What results can WeThrive guarantee?

We’re so confident that our clients will see rapid results in 90 days that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you decide that WeThrive isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll give you your money back. Learn more here.

What is WeThrive's participation rate?

On average, WeThrive delivers an 81% participation rate. When employees start to see feedback taken on board and acted upon they are much more willing to commit time and effort to surveys.

Who can access the survey reports and action plans?

Your account administrator can choose who has visibility over the survey reports and action plans. Employees, managers and executives all have access to their own dashboard where these can be viewed.

Can WeThrive integrate with my existing HR software and comms tools?

Yes. WeThrive integrates seamlessly with a number of different HRIS systems so you can seamlessly sync your people’s data directly to your WeThrive account.


WeThrive also integrates with Slack, so you can send survey reminders to your people.


Learn more about our integrations.

What support do you provide post-setup?

Our UK based customer success team provide ongoing phone, email and in-app support to all customers. We can deliver a full concierge setup for your initial surveys and quarterly account management meetings. We also have a full online knowledge base and we produce regular content to support your HR strategy.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes. Help a friend to thrive and boost your HR budget with our dedicated referral program. Earn 10% cashback on (based on the value of new customer contract you’ve introduced us to excl. VAT) on any referrals who become customers of WeThrive.