4C Employee Experience Model

We’ve spent the last 13 years perfecting the science of people at work

Unique to WeThrive, the 4C employee experience model makes it easy to understand the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace and the negative effect they have on motivation, engagement and performance.

4C is a workplace psychology model that wraps core ideas from motivational theory into a practical tool for managers. Developed by WeThrive Founder and Business Psychologist, Piers Bishop, our model diagnoses the likely causes of upset and underperformance in the workforce. These areas make it easy to know what your teams need to be happy and work well and how to produce real improvements.

The 4Cs underpin all of the WeThrive tools, which is why we are able to dig deeper and get to the route of conscious and subconscious factors impacting your people’s engagement, productivity, wellbeing and motivation. If you want to find out more, hover over the different areas of the 4C model.

From the questions we ask through to goals, recommendations and learning resources, progress is framed around 16 key factors that affect the way all of us work.

Our survey questions fall into four areas of working life:

Cognitive – What the team have in their heads
Capability – Perception on support and resources
Connection – The subconscious invisible ‘human stuff’
Confidence – The conscious ‘feelings’ about work
WeThrive 4C Model

Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum subscription price?

No, there is no minimum subscription price so whether you have 5 or 150 employees you simply pay your calculated per employee, per month fee. We offer discounted pricing for organisations with 200+ staff.

We are a charity, do you offer any additional discounts?

Yes, we are very happy to support charities and can offer up to a 30% discount, as long as you have a UK registered charity number. This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or offer. The final discount applied will be the largest reduction.

Are there any additional set-up fees on top of the product subscription?

We offer a number of (optional) additional services to help get your account set-up. You can read more about our services here.

Is there a limit on how many surveys we can send?

Both of our core annual ‘Pro’ subscriptions come with unlimited surveys. Our ‘Essentials’ subscription is limited to two surveys per annum.

What is the contract term, do I have to commit to a minimum number of years?

Our standard subscriptions are either monthly pay as you go or a discounted annual licence paid up front.

How quickly can we send our first survey?

The same day that you sign up – although we always recommend allowing sufficient time for pre-survey communication so that you maximise your participation rates.

Who can have access to the survey reports and outputs, do we have to pay for additional users?

With all of our subscriptions you can add unlimited platform users at no additional cost. We have three types of user access – administrators with full access to all features and settings; account users for managing people data and sending surveys; and reporting users for access to survey outputs, learning content and action planning. Reporting access can be restricted if needed to specific data segments.

Do our employees need a login to complete the survey?

No, there is no login needed for employees to complete the survey. They simply receive their personalised survey via email link and complete via their browser (desktop or smartphone).

What sort of support do you provide?

Our UK based team provide phone, email and in-app support as standard to all customers. We also have a full online knowledge base, produce regular employee engagement related content and run free industry related and product based webinars.

Do you offer discounts for larger organisations?

Yes, we offer tiered pricing so for organisations with more than 200 employees. Please contact us for your personalised quote.