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Transform your organisation with reports, action plans & learning content

WeThrive automatically analyses your results and creates action plans for everyone – saving 100s of hours of time and focusing on where you can have the biggest impact.

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Never have a ‘now what?’ post-survey moment again

Save hours poring over spreadsheets or running focus group after focus group to decide what to do after your next staff survey. Get to work instantly and feel confident that you’re working on the most important areas of improvement for your business. No more guesswork, just get straight to what you need to do today to make tomorrow better.

With access to their team results and action plans managers and employees can actively play their part so that engagement is no longer ‘an HR thing’.

“A big attraction was the immediacy of analysing feedback and the variety of ways we could explore the results. WeThrive provide comparisons internally and with external benchmarks, create action plans and provide recommendations to improve those areas.”

Katie D – Director of People, St Margarets Hospice

A birds-eye view for HR and the board

HR gets a top-level overview of the data, a results dashboard and heat maps to highlight key strengths and weaknesses – segmenting your data is simple to get the views you need.

Sharing results with the board and senior leaders is straightforward with the board pack we create for you for your first survey. Easy access to the deeper insights in the platform means you can answer any questions they throw at you.

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Set your managers up for success

Level up your managers with Essentials. Give managers clear and easy-to-follow action plans & recommendations based on their team’s survey results – that fit into their busy day. All backed up with curated learning content and resources help them quickly get to work on what matters most to their people.

Goal setting and action tracking makes it easy to hold managers accountable for their team’s performance. HR has total visibility of exactly what is happening in every team post-survey so they can help, coach and support their managers.

“WeThrive gives us insight into what is happening below the surface with our employees. Not everyone is comfortable talking about issues that may worry them or things they find difficult to control, and this platform allows them to voice that and gives their managers the tools to help them find solutions.”

Bridget B – Ops director

Empower everyone to own their own employee experience

WeThrive Pro gives each person in your organisation engagement and wellbeing action plans, learning content and resources to improve their own experience at work.

Giving ownership to your people is the key to a culture of empowerment, and means no more waiting for managers to take action. When this is combined with the performance management part of the platform it is a game-changer.

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WeThrive makes learning in the flow of work easy so managers and employees can reach their goals. 350+ curated resources and courses are dynamically connected to the action plans. This ensures people not only know what to do, but how to do it!

If you have your own eLearning you can add deep links into your LMS and point your people to the content you already own.

Content signposting

Many HR leaders are frustrated that their people don’t often access the resources they have provided. The simple reason is that they cannot always connect the right content with the help they need.

WeThrive makes it simple to link your own platforms, people and content to manager and employee results dashboards and action plans. For example link your EAP or mental health first aiders, LinkedIn learning or rewards portal to your people’s results in a few clicks – so they get the right tools at the right time.

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