Survey your people in a few clicks with WeThrive

Breathe and WeThrive – perfect partners

Sync your people data in just 30 seconds – no more exporting data to Survey Monkey or Typeforms.. making sending a survey super quick and easy.
Plus you also get 50% off your first 2 months – then it’s just £29 a month for up to 100 staff.

Ask what you want to who you want

Using our drag and drop survey wizard means you can put a survey together in minutes, choose who you want to send it to and hit send – your results will start to come in right away and export to Excel. You can slice and dice the data as you want, giving you total flexibility.

Access to our learning library

As part of your subscription you also get free access to a library of 300+ curated learning resources – to help you improve engagement and motivation in your business. All Breathe customers can also try WeThrive free for 30 days too!

Me Learning use an individual, non-anonymous survey and enjoy 93% completion rate

“We were delighted to see that, on average, 84% of the time people are clear on what is expected of them. 80% of the time they feel connected to the company’s mission and know how their work impacts the customers. We believe that the ratings will be even more positive on our next survey now that our Management team have supported, listened to and acted upon the needs of those team members that had brought the ratings down.”

Pip Murr, Chief People Officer, MeLearning

Konditor and Cook increase of 12% in meaning and sense of purpose for employees since using WeThrive

“WeThrive has been great for taking the temperature of the organisation and now it’s an integral part of not only our employee engagement strategy, but also our overall business strategy. We have gained clear insight into the issues that affect the happiness of our teams and, where necessary, how we can improve things for them.”

Paul Cons, CEO, Konditor and Cook

WeThrive is a dream system

“WeThrive gives us clarity of focus on the areas we need to get better at and ultimately supports our overall performance. Given it is so easy to use and the reports are superfast and specifically detailed it’s a dream system!”

Ailsa Suttie, Operations Director, Boundless