Diversity, Equity, Equality & Inclusion Surveys

Create a culture where everyone can thrive

Over 70 years of combined experience in DEEI, people management and practical psychology contributed to the development of our survey.

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Transform your culture and improve business performance by investing in DEEI

All employers have a responsibility to create inclusive, diverse and equitable environments for their people.

But did you know that organisations with higher levels of DEEI benefit from an increased likelihood of financial outperformance than those with low levels of inclusion and representation? Learn more.

Watch our quick demo to see how WeThrive’s DEEI survey can equip you with the data you need to prioritise DEEI and support every individual at work.

WeThrive’s DEEI survey delivers insights to HR, the board and managers

Get a clear view of your culture

Are you gathering feedback about how your employees experience DEEI for the first time? Or looking to improve the way your organisation plans, implements and follows up on survey results?

Identify and tackle the DEEI challenges your people experience with clear, straightforward insights directly from your workforce.

Learn exactly which steps you should take with ready-to-go action plans, recommendations for HR and the board.

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diversity, equality, equity and inclusion heat map report

D&I action plan and recommendations for managers

Empower your managers with straight-forward recommendations

Improving DEEI requires endorsement and action from management. But managers rarely have the resources or insights to action this within their teams.

Hold your managers accountable and provide clear action plans based on their team’s survey results.

Managers can access a live overview of their team’s results, recommendations and goals to create a culture where all their people can thrive.

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Ensure every voice is heard.

The WeThrive DEEI survey assesses how individuals experience diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion at work. It looks at the employee experience through the lens of human needs.

D&I survey

D&I dashboard of results

Learn exactly where the opportunities and gaps are.

Get clear insights about how successfully your organisation meet the needs of everyone, regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances.

Support managers with ongoing, curated learning content.

Manager’s action recommendations are linked directly to our library of DEEI learning content to ensure they have timely and relevant resources.

Connect your own D&I learning content to WeThrive so managers can access it from their results dashboard.

D&I learning resources and content

Wherever you are on your journey to improve D&I, WeThrive has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Setting up a WeThrive account takes a few minutes and you can get results and action plans in a matter of days. See all of WeThrive’s features.

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