Demo: 6 Keys to Drive Engagement Digitally

Tuesday 22nd August 2023 at 16:00 | BST

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The impact of Covid-19, hybrid working and the Great Resignation has left many organisations wondering “How can we re-engage our people?” The UK remains one of the least engaged workforces in Europe according to Gallup, which presents a massive opportunity for all organisations. But how do you deliver meaningful change quickly and effectively?

The number one challenge with 99% of engagement surveys is that they fail to uncover the root cause of ‘why’ people are disengaged. This requires hours of further digging to create an action plan and decide the next steps. However, few leaders have enough time to do this alongside their other responsibilities, meaning survey results rapidly become outdated and irrelevant.

Attend “Demo: 6 Keys to Drive Engagement Digitally” with Andrew Heath on 22nd August at 4 PM to learn how to use technology to get a pin-sharp picture of how your people feel and specifically what you, their managers and individuals can do to increase engagement levels.

  • Why 99% of engagement surveys don’t deliver
  • Why frequent pulse surveys are not always the right answer
  • What you should measure and the questions to ask using psychology
  • Why speed and accuracy are vital
  • Identify hotspots, quick wins and strengths using data segmentation
  • Making engagement a company initiative – not just an annual HR process