CIPD Annual Conference – future-focussed HR building motivation in the workplace

Andrew Heath · October 19, 2015

The CIPD annual conference next week has as its tag-line “Future-focussed HR at its best”. It’s looking like it will be a great event. One talk particularly caught my eye on “Performance Motivation – a strengths based approach” by Rachel Collier of iCrossing and Ailsa Suttie of CSMA Club. The summary suggests it will be an interesting view on motivation in the workplace and people management, emphasising the strong need to move people management away from a paper based admin role to an HR-led modern approach of engaging staff and creating a positive, energetic working environment.

Their synopsis talks of creating regular and transparent dialogue within an organisation. Transparent dialogue is so important and yet it is something that often doesn’t happen easily. Staff feel barriers to saying what is on their minds. Those barriers can be either real or imagined, but nevertheless they are there and the larger the organisation the less easy it is to break down those barriers. And yet there may be unspoken issues which, be they personal or resource-based issues, will reduce productivity and ultimately damage the company’s performance. So is it a good idea for line managers to find ways of getting to hear those concerns? Well of course, it is ultimately going to benefit everybody. If there are people in the organisation who don’t want to hear about these things they have their heads in the sand and the sooner they face up to it the better for all.

WeThrive’s employee engagement survey provides a mechanism for flushing out what people are thinking. This tool firstly provides the mechanism for employees to take a survey and feedback the results to management, but it also takes the process one step further, digging deeper where the survey finds problems and then giving managers detailed online coaching tips on how to go about solving those problems. It is a product that can hold the key to real change in an organisation and rapidly improve motivation in the workplace and at an affordable price.

A free trial is available here – why not have a go?