Webinar: Hold Your Managers Accountable for Engagement and Performance Management

25th June 2024 at 9:30 | GMT

Join us for an exclusive webinar on the 25th of June at 9.30 – featuring insights from Lauren Rolfe, Head of Customer Success and Product at WeThrive and myself, Andrew Heath, as we delve into the critical role managers play in shaping a thriving workplace culture. This session will not only highlight key strategies but also showcase a full demo of the WeThrive platform, illustrating how it transforms the effectiveness of managers. We will also share examples of how our clients use WeThrive to empower their managers.

Why Attend?

  • Discover Actionable Strategies : Learn how to empower managers to take ownership of their teams’ engagement and performance with practical, actionable strategies.
  • Live Platform Demonstration : Experience firsthand how WeThrive integrates these practices to streamline processes and enhance team dynamics.
  • Hear Success Stories : Gain insights from real-world case studies demonstrating the significant impact of effective managerial involvement.
  • Reduce HR Workload and Stress : Explore how our approach minimises HR’s burden by automating and simplifying the performance management process, significantly cutting down on the time and stress involved in manual interventions.

Register now to secure your place and transform the way your managers drive engagement and performance within your teams.