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Ensure all your people get heard

WeThrive gives busy managers instant access to feedback, performance reviews, action plans and learning resources, enabling them to skyrocket engagement, retention and productivity.

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Intelligent Surveys™ deliver powerful insights

Busy HR leaders and managers often struggle to distil meaningful insights and actions from unstructured survey data. In a time-poor environment, focus groups, and workshops about ‘what it all means’ rarely deliver meaningful change for employees.

While most surveys focus on top-level themes, WeThrive’s Intelligent Surveys delve deeper, focusing on the underlying drivers of your employees’ feelings. Once the initial 16 questions have been answered, WeThrive provides a dynamic set of secondary questions to each employee in low-scoring areas to gather additional information.

Using these rich insights HR, managers and employees can instantly see what they need to do next. No more guesswork, just clear, quick wins and actionable data directly from your people.

Employee engagement

WeThrive’s intelligent engagement survey has been designed by psychologists to identify how people really experience working in your organisation.

WeThrive dynamically reports on participation and results, automatically sending reminders via email or Slack. No more number crunching or data management. WeThrive delivers instant action plans that will have the biggest improvements on engagement.

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Mental health and wellbeing

WeThrive’s mental health and wellbeing survey identifies the root causes of stress, burnout and anxiety in your people.

Maximising the impact of your wellbeing budget with WeThrive is easy with a clear picture of the wellbeing drivers based on anonymous data. Now you can confidently target your strategy right where it is needed the most.

Individuals get easy-to-follow actions, ideas and content to help the improve their own wellbeing – reducing latent stress and anxiety.

“The surveys are grounded in academic thinking and the 4C model. This is really easy to explain and grounds the survey results into meaningful areas to explore. I love the fact we can use pulse surveys for lots of different activities”

Diversity, equality, equity and inclusion

You can rapidly identify and tackle the key weakness and opportunities in your culture with clear, straightforward insights directly from your people.

Quickly create a psychologically safe environment for everyone regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances so they feel heard, included and have a strong sense of belonging.

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Create & send your own survey

It’s quick and simple with WeThrive’s pulse tool. Add your own or choose from our bank of questions and templates.

Looking for inspiration? From onboarding and exit surveys, asking about Covid-19 or health and safety concerns, to working from home or moments that matter, our survey templates are included for all our customers.

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