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Turn managers into leaders with powerful action plans

Send a professional engagement, wellbeing or D&I survey in minutes and get easy-to-understand reports, action plans and recommendations for all your people.

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Survey closed. Analysis complete. Action plans shared.

Organisations often dread the annual survey, which often involves arduous number-crunching and workshops, only to find it rarely delivers meaningful change.

Save hundreds of hours of HR and senior leader’s time with WeThrive. We’ll help you drive the changes your people need by delivering ready-to-go action plans and resources for everyone to thrive.

“A big attraction was the immediacy of analysing feedback and the variety of ways we could explore the results. WeThrive provide comparisons internally and with external benchmarks, create action plans and provide recommendations to improve those areas.”

Katie D – Director of People, St Margarets Hospice

Intelligent Surveys™​

Our unique intelligent surveys uncover how successfully your company culture and managers are meeting the psychological, social and emotional needs of your people. ​

WeThrive surveys can be rapidly and easily completed on any device and typically achieves an 81% participation rate. ​

​Our dynamic secondary questions specifically target the areas with the lowest scores, pinpointing the exact changes required to enhance overall engagement, performance, and wellbeing.


Employee engagement

WeThrive’s engagement survey has been designed by psychologists to identify how people really experience working in your organisation – and what you can do to improve it.​

No more number crunching. WeThrive empowers both managers and employees by delivering instant action plans, so they know exactly what to do next.

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Mental health & wellbeing

WeThrive’s mental health and wellbeing survey identifies the root causes of stress, burnout and anxiety in your people.​​

Maximise the impact of your wellbeing budget with a clear picture of your people’s needs. Confidently target your wellbeing strategy and initiatives right where it is needed the most.​​

Individuals receive easy-to-follow action plans, recommendations and content to help them take steps to improve their own wellbeing – reducing latent stress and anxiety.​

“WeThrive solved how people are feeling at work, especially with mental health”


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Diversity, equality, equity & inclusion

WeThrive’s diversity and inclusion survey helps you identify and tackle the key weakness and opportunities in your culture with clear, straightforward insights directly from your people.​

​Quickly create a psychologically safe environment for everyone regardless of their background, identity, abilities or circumstances so they feel heard, included and have a strong sense of belonging.

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Create & send your own pulse survey​

​It’s quick and simple with WeThrive’s pulse survey builder. Add your own questions or choose from our templates.​

From onboarding and exit surveys, health and safety concerns, to working from home or moments that matter, our survey templates are available for all customers.

“I love the fact we can use pulse surveys for lots of different activities”


Content signposting​

​Employees rarely utilise the support and learning resources their organisation provides if this is disconnected from the help they need. ​

​WeThrive makes it simple to link your own platforms, people and content to results dashboards and action plans. ​

​For example, link your EAP or mental health first aiders, LinkedIn learning or rewards portal to your people’s results in a few clicks – so they get the right tools at the right time.

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