WeThrive employee engagement skills workshop 22nd February 2016 – book now

New for 2016 – WeThrive training events to help HR leaders, L&D people and consultants learn about WeThrive and make better use of the information it reveals. The first event is on February 22nd in Brighton and is a chance to gain new insight into human motivation and boost your employee engagement skills.

WeThrive accurately diagnoses the differences between an individual or team that is not functioning at their best and one that is fully operational, highly motivated and happy. It clearly pinpoints the factors in an individual or team that require the most attention. This special workshop gives managers and leaders the understanding and skills to apply this knowledge effectively with their teams through appraisal, coaching and day-to-day management.

This will be a fun day of highly interactive training, relying on a range of approaches including enlightening presentations, discussion, practical exercises, puzzles and games. You will also meet other HR and L&D people who are using or considering using WeThrive – the most cutting-edge development in the history of employee engagement.  The cost is £120 plus VAT and a booking fee if you book via Eventbrite (see below). Email us for more information – we look forward to seeing you on the day!


Posted by Piers Bishop on December 18, 2015

Piers Bishop, Co-Founder and organisational psychologist at WeThrive has contributed his expertise to over a hundred WeThrive blogs, webinars and whitepapers. Piers is passionate about using psychology to understand what really motivates employees. You can reach out and connect with Piers on LinkedIn.

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