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We actively seek out other organisations who can help our clients implement, use and get maximum benefit from WeThrive..

We love working with people who share our vision of happy, productive (and profitable) workplaces. Our growing network of consulting partners helps us deliver on our promise to our customers. We ensure every partner fully understands how WeThrive works and how to apply it in a variety of business settings.

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Employee engagement UAE Storey Group

The Storey Group, Dubai, UAE

Committed to Thinking Beyond the Now, the Storey Group is an innovative consulting practice that works as the Human Capital force multiplier for your organisation. Simply getting your people to work harder or even work smarter isn’t enough in today’s busy connected world. Unlocking a person’s heart in the workplace, getting them to give themselves willingly to your workplace will create the value you seek in your organisation.


Brand Biology, Bristol, UK

Your brand is a living thing

It is powered by human energy. The physical things your people do each and every day. Your logo, strapline and business strategy are important, but it’s your people who make them live – in the real world.


Centric Logic, Windsor, UK

Centric Logic’s expertise is in HR and Performance Management.​​​​ Established in 2011 and based near London and Chester, Centric Logic focuses on helping entrepreneurs​ and SMEs​​​ implement easy-to-use online HR software solutions at a fraction of the time and cost of other suppliers.

Our best in class cloud solutions are designed to help you retain and engage your employees. All solutions have been selected for their intuitive user experience and are accessible 24/7 via all mobile devices. If you are committed to looking after your employees and setting in place robust employee performance management systems then talk to Centric Logic.


The Grove Consultancy, Guernsey, CI

We help individuals, teams and organisations to improve performance through our unique approach which puts people’s emotional well being at the heart of the solution.

Employing our extensive business and coaching experience underpinned by a sound scientific knowledge of how emotions affect people’s performance, we are able to understand quickly where to focus the clients’ attention and to help create the conditions necessary for required changes to happen.


Neuro Know How, Dublin, Ireland

Neuroscience has now proven that our brains are plastic. They are malleable. We can learn new adaptive habits and behaviours. We can unlearn unhelpful ones. And we are here to show you how.

As practicing psychotherapists, trainers, and communicators Cathriona and Sue are passionate about facilitating people to live and work well through practical, insightful and effective coaching and training.


Inspiring People HRInspiring People HR, Brighton, UK

Inspiring People HR helps employers in Brighton, Sussex and London get the best from their people. We’re very excited about the very significant difference We Thrive offers employers in helping them to release the hidden potential of their people. Inspiring People HR can support that journey by offering guidance and training support to your organisation to help you establish an employment environment that will maximise the benefit that We Thrive can offer.


Via Vita Health, West Midlands, UK

At Via Vita Health we create innovative health & wellbeing solutions to help you achieve your business goals & deliver a return on investment. These include onsite health checks, educational workshops, management training & online health & reward platforms.