Maximising Engagement: Looking Beyond Your HRIS

Megan Thompson · July 19, 2023

When it comes to engaging employees, many HR professionals turn to their HRIS (Human Resource Information System) for assistance. While an HRIS is helpful for many tasks, it is not the answer for boosting engagement in your organisation.

Often HR teams are tasked with taking a DIY approach to some of the most critical processes your business is built on – engagement, wellbeing and performance. Read on to explore the limitations of this strategy, and importantly, what you should be doing differently.

The limitations of using an HRIS

Poorly designed surveys

Most HRIS platforms offer standard templates for employee surveys. While these templates provide a basic framework, they often lack the flexibility to align with your organisation’s unique goals and culture. This can result in generic, one-size-fits-all assessments that fail to capture the specific nuances and drivers of engagement within your workforce.

Deviating from the standard templates and opting to design your own engagement survey can be just as fruitless. Often, this approach results in biased questions, missing data, poorly structured surveys and employees may perceive this as less objective and could question the confidentiality of their responses.

Insufficient actionable insights

Your HRIS may provide you with some data and analytics on employee engagement, but it falls short when delivering actionable insights. Without a clear understanding of the underlying factors driving these metrics, it becomes challenging to identify and address the root causes of disengagement. This can hinder your ability to implement targeted strategies for improvement.

Attempting to drill down into the data in-house can often cause significant delays, human error, or biased perceptions of results. This means by the time the data gets in front of your managers, they have outdated information that may be incorrect and no understanding of what they need to do next to drive team engagement or conduct effective 1:1s with individuals.

Ultimately, this leaves HR, managers and employees feeling incredibly frustrated. Employee engagement shouldn’t be this hard!

Limited employee participation and feedback

HRIS-based engagement surveys are often perceived as administrative tasks rather than opportunities to drive meaningful, high-impact outcomes. Employees can feel disconnected from the process, resulting in low participation rates and surface-level feedback.

This lack of employee involvement can limit the authenticity and usefulness of the data collected, making it difficult to gain a comprehensive understanding of the employee experience.

Static insights and disconnected actions

Your HRIS is often used by administrators at a top level, meaning it isn’t designed for frequent use by managers or even employees to gather feedback, save meeting outcomes, set goals or track progress and improvements.

These are key elements for a successful engagement strategy and if outcomes, goals and next actions are not saved, tracked and updated in one connected environment then progress will never be made.

Introducing WeThrive: A better solution for performance and engagement transformation

WeThrive is a science-backed, fully integrated employee experience platform designed to deliver rapid results with maximum impact. Unlike traditional HRIS platforms, WeThrive offers a comprehensive suite of features that address these limitations. Here’s why you should consider using a dedicated employee experience platform such as WeThrive instead.

Intelligent surveys with customisable questions

WeThrive’s intelligent surveys have been designed by workplace psychologists and psychotherapists to uncover precisely what your people need to thrive at work. Based on human needs psychology, our 4C models are scientifically proven to improve engagement, wellbeing and inclusion. If you want to ask a specific question, add custom questions to the end of your survey. Learn more about our 4C models here →

Our fully customisable pulse, onboarding and exit surveys enable organisations to gather any additional data organisations want to analyse.

Actionable insights and recommendations

WeThrive instantly analyses your survey results and delivers actionable insights that go beyond simple data visualisation. Our platform uses deeper digging questions and techniques to identify the key drivers of performance and engagement in your organisation.

This empowers you, your managers and your people with action plans and specific recommendations to make quick changes that have a quick impact on your teams.

Guaranteed results

We’re so confident that we can deliver rapid results and have a massive impact on your engagement and performance that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee. Learn more here →

Transforming engagement with WeThrive

If you’re looking to go beyond the limitations of your HRIS and truly transform engagement in your organisation, WeThrive is the platform for you. Our science-backed, fully integrated employee experience platform provides the intelligence, actionable insights, and empowered engagement required to drive rapid and impactful results. Don’t settle for generic templates and limited capabilities – choose WeThrive for a transformative employee experience.

To learn more about WeThrive and how it can benefit your organisation book a demo today. Let’s unlock the full potential of your workforce and create a culture of engagement.