Performance Management Bundle FAQs

What is the difference between Essentials and Pro?

Your free upgrade from Essentials to Pro gives you a ton of added value. Pro provides access to everyone in your organisation, which means employees and managers can both log in and request a performance review, schedule a meeting, contribute to the intelligenda™, set goals and actions and update their progress.

Your employees will also have full access to run their own engagement and wellbeing surveys that provide instant feedback and recommendations.

You can learn more about the specifics on our pricing page →

How can I integrate my data from my HRIS?

We use Merge to quickly and seamlessly copy the data from your existing HRIS. Check out this list to confirm we support your platform. If your HRIS isn’t on there, don’t worry! Our customer success team can still transfer your people data seamlessly using a CSV file.

How does the concierge onboarding process work?

Once you’re signed up, you’ll be connected with a member of our customer success team who will show you how to get started, schedule your reviews and answer any questions you have about your account.

Our customer success team are rated 9.8/10 on G2 for their amazing support, so rest assured you’re in capable hands!

What is included in the Lucy Adams masterclass?

The Lucy Adams masterclass is an expert session designed to help new customers hit the ground running with their performance management strategy. Invite your managers to learn from one of the most innovative and inspirational speakers in the HR profession.

You’ll learn:

  • How to use the platform to create an Intelligenda for a review or 1:1, how to log notes, goals and feedback post-review.
  • The mindset and skills that a manager needs to use to make the best use of their time with employees.
  • The best practice post-review process plus how HR can improve performance review admin.

Learn more here →

What does this bundle cost?

For full access to WeThrive’s people experience platform plus all these incredible upgrades, free add-ons and a detailed learning session with one of the most established HR leaders in the UK, you’ll pay just £5 per employee per month. It’s a no brainer.

When does this offer expire?

You have until the 26th May 2023 to purchase your bundle. This gives us ample time to integrate with your HRIS, complete your onboarding call, and invite all of your managers to learn from Lucy at her Masterclass on the 20th June 2023.

Get in touch with us on to book a discovery call and learn more.

I already have a performance management platform. What options do I have?

If you are already in contract with another performance management platform but would like to switch to WeThrive, we offer a generous buy-out scheme.

You can sign up and start using WeThrive immediately alongside your current platform. When your renewal date arrives, we’ll price-match your existing provider with a like-for-like offer.

Our performance review cycle starts later in the year. Am I still eligible for the offer?

Of course. Sign up for our incredible bundle before the 26/05/2023 deadline and we’ll bill you according to your chosen start date. We’ll also host a second Lucy Adams Masterclass in November to ensure you and your managers get total value from the bundle.

I’m ready! What’s next?

Great! Get in touch with us on or complete the form here to get started. The next steps are outlined below.