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Megan Thompson · January 14, 2021

January is often a strange time at work for employee engagement and wellbeing. Returning from the Christmas break with a whole year ahead can be a daunting prospect, especially for those who don’t feel particularly connected to their workplace. With the colder weather and longer evenings it’s no surprise that Blue Monday (the third Monday in January) has such a bleak reputation.

Combine that with disrupted Christmas holidays, a third national lockdown, and a global health crisis – this month could be a difficult period for your employees.

But January doesn’t always have to be blue. We’ve compiled a list of free wellbeing tools to re-energise your people and get the new year off to the right start.

Feeling Good: Positive Mindset app

Girl listening to wellbeing appFeeling Good is a free app designed to help relieve stress and improve wellbeing by relaxing the body and mind. Employees can download the app and listen to a series of free audio tracks which combine music and coaching. 

This programme has been used by the NHS to help people who are recovering from stress, anxiety and depression. Designed to help build confidence, boost energy levels and develop a positive mindset, your people simply need to sit back and tune in.

Users can access the first four tracks for free when they download the app, with the full 12-track feature available for purchase within the app.

Mind’s “Coronavirus and your Wellbeing” guide

Stress and anxiety can be a leading factor in low employee engagement and wellbeing. Mind, the UK’s leading mental health charity, have compiled a free guide providing information and advice about managing mental health and wellbeing during Covid-19. With a page dedicated to wellbeing concerns about the workplace, Mind offers some valuable general advice for struggling employees.

Mind explains clearly how certain feelings such as guilt, anger and stress can emerge as a result of working during a pandemic and provides relevant quick tips, infolines and support for specific sectors for free. 

What if my employees’ engagement and wellbeing problems run deeper?

Poor employee engagement and wellbeingThese employee engagement and wellbeing tools are very helpful for providing general advice and resources. But they can’t give your organisation an extensive engagement and wellbeing health check.

Throughout 2020 we’ve seen MDs and CEOs invest in new solutions to provide HR with the tools they need to quickly and effectively improve the employee experience. However, organisations that want to drive long-term employee engagement and wellbeing change need to do more than just provide information. 

While it’s nice to give your people a tool to help manage their stress and wellbeing, it’s important to understand why your people are feeling this way. If you can get to the root cause of employee engagement and wellbeing issues you can direct your attention where it really matters – to resolving and preventing these problems.

To truly understand how you can support your people you can use WeThrive’s completely free engagement and wellbeing survival kit.

WeThrive’s free Engagement and Wellbeing Survival Kit

Our Engagement and Wellbeing Survival Kit provides you with a full analysis of your organisation using our unique 4C corporate psychology model. Designed to help you dig deeper into the conscious and subconscious areas that impact your employee’s engagement and wellbeing, our ready-made employee engagement survey analyses the 4 key areas that influence our feelings at work.

The survival kit takes just 7 days to uncover the specific vulnerabilities among your people, and it doesn’t stop there. We’ll break down the data for you and tell you precisely what actions you should take to see quick engagement and wellbeing improvements across your organisation.

When your survey is complete you’ll receive:

  • An engagement and wellbeing risk heat map
  • Top 2 wellbeing recommendations for your business
  • Top 2 engagement recommendations for your business
  • Curated learning resources

Bonus features:

  • Top areas of engagement and wellbeing
  • A full results review for every area of your business

Check out a sample report from our engagement and wellbeing survival kit to see how WeThrive could help your people.

Four simple steps to get your Engagement and Wellbeing Survival Kit

  1. Create your free WeThrive account by signing up here (no credit card info required)
  2. Send out your survey in a few clicks – sit back and relax for 7 days
  3. We’ll send you the analysis for your organisation (and a few extra goodies)
  4. Work through our recommendations to help your people thrive!

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