Employee Engagement Benchmarking

Engagement, motivation and wellbeing is critical across all organisations, and we have an extensive history of working successfully with a range of industries. Select an industry below to find out more.

Financial Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Financial Services

WeThrive has a roster of financial clients that have continued to renew and improve the working culture in their business. We are able to use that experience to create custom employee engagement surveys for financial organisations and help you implement employee retention and engagement strategies that will actually drive results for your business.

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Retail Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Retail

In a competitive and uncertain marketplace, retail organisations must be agile, flexible and innovative in order to survive, and succeed. WeThrive provides retailers with the tools they need to listen to their best asset – their people.

Retailers are living in a new era – one that combines uncertainty with constant change. Consumer expectations are growing, while competition to attract and retain the best staff is also on the up.

During recent times the role of HR Directors has also evolved. Their role encompasses so much more than the organisation ‘supporting activities,’ with a marked increase in business planning and recommendations. Strategies for decreasing employee turnover and attrition as well as increasing employee productivity are firmly on the agenda. In a sector with different types of workers in multiple locations, retailers need an agile employee engagement solution to get to the heart of how employees are feeling no matter who they are.

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Business Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Business Services

Many businesses have spent the last year adapting their processes to a remote setting. Looking forward, few organisations plan on returning to business as usual. Fully remote roles and hybrid home/office solutions are quickly emerging and it is critical that companies are prepared for this change.

WeThrive has helped numerous businesses address mental health and wellbeing challenges posed by remote working and Covid-19. Engaging remote workers and developing a productive workforce to navigate this crisis has been key to pulling many businesses out from the difficulties of the pandemic.

Communication remains a central issue for business services, as employees and managers struggle to have productive and meaningful conversations about work. WeThrive has helped to alleviate this pain by providing real data, talking points and action plans for both managers and staff.

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Accounting Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Accounting

As leaders of the firm you face two quite different strands of work, aside from the core demands of running a successful practice. One is relatively technical – things like succession planning, making the practice an attractive asset to be acquired (or finding suitable acquisitions), and dealing with endless new regulation whilst maintaining a profitable business.

But then there are the people. Efficiency and reputation depend on maintaining the quality of their work, which is ultimately hugely influenced by their motivation, and ensuring they’re aligned to your goals and giving the best possible client service.

Staff are difficult beasts to manage, have complex needs and tend to under-perform when unhappy. However technology has provided innovative ways to understand their needs, ambitions and frustrations, and a growing number of practices – from the Top10 all the way through to smaller provincial firms – are now taking advantage of these developments.

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Charity Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Charities

Charities have been hit hard by the pandemic and at WeThrive we aim to give back. That’s why charities receive a 40% discount on their WeThrive accounts, so you can continue to do the great work that you do, while also empowering your staff to be the best they can be.

We have long-standing relationships with organisations across the charity sector, and have helped transform people strategies from the inside out for over 12 years.

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Travel & Hospitality Services

Specialist Employee Engagement surveys for Travel and Hospitality

Whilst we anxiously wait for travel, tourism and hospitality to be back on the cards for good it is critical that we don’t lose sight of what makes this industry so delightful: its people. Ongoing Covid restrictions, pressure and staff turnover make it hard to build happy teams in the travel and tourism sectors. WeThrive identifies the root causes of team issues and gives you clear, concise action plans by team, location or venue. With regular temperature checks your leaders and general managers can rapidly get to work so their teams feel engaged, motivated and ready to delight your guests, whenever that might be.

‘Our customers will never be happier than our staff’.

Not our words, the CEO of Pizza Hut. If there’s any industry where positive, smiling, happy staff are absolutely vital, it has to be travel and tourism.

  • Reduce stress for customer facing employees
  • Retain top talent and reduce employee turnover
  • Make an impact on working culture with worldwide teams

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Frequently asked questions

How long does WeThrive take to set up?

WeThrive can be accessed via your browser on any device, so implementation is very quick and easy. Setting up your WeThrive account takes just a few minutes. Our customer success team can guide you through importing your people’s data, or you can follow our 5 simple steps help guide.


Scheduling your first survey takes just 5 minutes. After importing your data, employee surveys can be taken the same day or you can schedule your first survey for a later date. (We recommend allowing sufficient time for pre-survey communication so that you maximise your participation rates.)


This means surveys results, action plans and curated content can be in front of managers and administrators instantly.

Is there a limit on how many surveys we can send?

No, you have an unlimited number of surveys in your account. Individuals can also take surveys as often as they like to ensure they get the best employee experience possible.

What results can WeThrive guarantee?

We’re so confident that our clients will see rapid results in 90 days that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you decide that WeThrive isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll give you your money back. Learn more here.

What is WeThrive's participation rate?

On average, WeThrive delivers an 81% participation rate. When employees start to see feedback taken on board and acted upon they are much more willing to commit time and effort to surveys.

Who can access the survey reports and action plans?

Your account administrator can choose who has visibility over the survey reports and action plans. Employees, managers and executives all have access to their own dashboard where these can be viewed.

Can WeThrive integrate with my existing HR software and comms tools?

Yes. WeThrive integrates seamlessly with a number of different HRIS systems so you can seamlessly sync your people’s data directly to your WeThrive account.


WeThrive also integrates with Slack, so you can send survey reminders to your people.


Learn more about our integrations.

What support do you provide post-setup?

Our UK based customer success team provide ongoing phone, email and in-app support to all customers. We can deliver a full concierge setup for your initial surveys and quarterly account management meetings. We also have a full online knowledge base and we produce regular content to support your HR strategy.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes. Help a friend to thrive and boost your HR budget with our dedicated referral program. Earn 10% cashback on (based on the value of new customer contract you’ve introduced us to excl. VAT) on any referrals who become customers of WeThrive.