5 Common Engagement & Listening Strategy Mistakes

Thurs, 7th April 2022 at 10 – 10:40 AM | GMT

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Do you want to improve the way your organisation plans, implements and follows up on the results of your engagement and listening surveys? Or are you gathering feedback for the first time?

The benefits of gathering feedback are clear. So why do most engagement and listening strategies fail to deliver effective, actionable results? Often, employers don’t know where to start, what to ask or how to deal with responses.

The annual company survey doesn’t cut it anymore. If your goal is to achieve higher engagement, lower turnover and create a more attractive and inspiring company culture you must rethink your approach and avoid these 5 common mistakes.

Watch the Recording

Join Andrew Heath Thursday 7th April at 10AM to learn how to extract valuable insights and deliver a measurable impact that will improve your workplace culture.


  • 5 common mistakes when gathering feedback
  • Employee survey best practices
  • Asking the right questions
  • Go from survey to action – instantly
  • How to measure impact & hold people accountable post-survey

Stop putting off surveying your people and start making decisions based on real feedback and experiences.