How to choose the best HR software

WeThrive Team · February 28, 2020

how to choose the best HR software

Could productivity levels in your business be better? Are you struggling with demotivated staff? Is employee turnover causing you a few problems? If the answer to these questions is yes, then it’s likely you have a disengaged workforce and if you’re searching for the best employee engagement software, we can help.

Re-engaging a disengaged workforce

Finding out how your employees are feeling is easy, right? Surely an annual employee survey is enough? But a lot of things can change in a year. It is a long time to leave problems festering. Quarterly surveys are much more effective in tracking the happiness of your employees.

But, even those conducting regular surveys still struggle to make good use of the data. Asking your employees how they feel and then not doing anything will almost certainly make matters worse.

Employee engagement software can make a huge difference to the outcome of an employee survey. We Thrive’s employee engagement software, for example, doesn’t only ask the right questions to get to the root cause of employee unhappiness, it offers actionable insights on engagement problems and enables you to track post-survey activities. This means you can respond to problems and be sure the changes you implement are making a positive difference.

If managers don’t have the tools and knowledge to implement necessary changes, then an employee survey is pointless.

What is staff engagement software?

Staff engagement software is a tool used to measure and improve the engagement of employees.

If you are serious about improving engagement in your organisation, then you will want more than a simple survey tool.

Many platforms offer a host of features. Most are cloud-based SaaS (software as a service), commanding a monthly subscription charge, which is great because it means companies can spread the cost, without any heavy initial outlay.

How much you pay will depend on how many employees you have. But costs can vary widely, so look carefully at what is included. Importantly, find out how much support is on offer once you’ve signed up.

The best HR software will demonstrate these characteristics

  • User friendly (easy-to-use dashboard)
  • Survey customisation
  • Company branding
  • Survey segmentation
  • Real-time reporting and analytics to easily understand employee feedback
  • Learning resources for managers

What do you want it to achieve?

When choosing employee engagement software be mindful about what it is you are trying to achieve. Introducing a survey is just the beginning. You will also need to turn survey results and insights into actions.

We Thrive’s unique 4C model makes it easy for you to understand the causes of stress and anxiety in the workplace. WeThrive instantly tells you and your managers what to do to get people back on track and increase productivity.

How can you build buy in with the board and managers?

Developing an employee engagement strategy isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s essential for business success. But despite increasing evidence showing the productivity benefits of engaged employees, many managers and board members still need some convincing.

So, how do you address resistance and build buy in?

The best way is to trial the software to see if results will speak for themselves. That way, there isn’t a big outlay and you get to see how the software works. It also means you have something tangible to take to the board.

We Thrive can support you to roll out a survey. Then, our in-house experts can run through your survey results and hold 1-2-1 debriefs with senior leaders so they can understand how the process can help increase motivation, productivity and retention.

Resistance from managers is a common issue. New software and additional tasks can easily be perceived as yet another thing a manager has to do on top of an already busy workload.

A recent survey of more than 400 HR leaders found that nearly half polled were struggling to develop effective mid-level leaders.

45% of HR leaders are struggling to develop effective leaders

We Thrive’s employee engagement software isn’t just about collecting survey results. It offers managers the tools they need to gain insights and take action. We Thrive’s coaching tool is designed to help managers become more effective and get the best out of their teams.

How do you measure engagement?

This is where comprehensive employee engagement software really pays off. Analytics and tracking are key features you should consider carefully when selecting the right software for your business.

Software reviews

With the right tools, you can get the bottom of what is impacting employee productivity, and understand how your staff are feeling.

Ailse Sutte, Operations Director at Boundless, has seen the benefits of We Thrive’s software:

“When you have good insight into what people are feeling, you reap all sorts of rewards within your business. The cultural work that we have done has put us 18 months ahead of our business plan.”

Verley North, HR Manager at Travel Nation, said:

“It was a bit like ‘them’ and ‘us’ before we had We Thrive. Now it’s ‘us’. It’s not about management and sales team. It’s all about us as a whole.”

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Great businesses are built on a foundation of happy, engaged employees. If you are serious about getting to the root of employee engagement issues, call the WeThrive team today. We’d love to help.