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Read about how our clients use WeThrive to build happy, motivated and engaged teams with these employee engagement case studies.

What our customers think

Personal Group see staff retention rise by 19%
“The process was simple, the support throughout has been quick and the results are easy to view and interpret. I would definitely recommend WeThrive to anyone looking for an employee engagement survey tool with a difference.”

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alisia_bioRebekah Tapping
HR Director

WeThrive gives us clarity of focus on the areas we need to get better at and ultimately supports our overall performance. Given it is so easy to use and the reports are superfast and specifically detailed it’s a dream system!

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alisia_bioAilsa Suttie
Operations Director

Working with WeThrive, deploying our survey was quick and easy. The support team were very responsive to our needs and helped us every step of the way. We had excellent completion rates, with lots of people commenting that the process was easy to follow. In just four weeks we have gone from an implementation call to completed company-wide survey and full results debrief. We’re now working on the actions to drive positive change for our people.


Steve NearySteve Neary
Head of Talent at LateRooms and Superbreak

It was a bit like ‘them and us’ before we had We Thrive, and now it’s ‘us’. It’s not about management and sales team or on all sales, it’s all about ‘us’ as a whole

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Steve NearyVerley North
HR Manager at Travel Nation

Our Executive Committee responded really positively to the feedback. They bought into WeThrive immediately and are committed to and excited about working further with the team and individual reports.


Monique VoslooMonique Vosloo
HR Executive Business Partner

We wanted to support our managers in developing and retaining our most valuable asset, our people. WeThrive has not only enabled managers to have more meaningful conversations with their staff but the software has also provided insights at team and company level. These insights have empowered the business to make changes at both the macro and the micro level to ensure we reach our business goals with a motivated and engaged workforce.

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Stuart DawsonStuart Dawson

This is HR gold! WeThrive has given me a fantastic insight into my teams with really clear and easy to follow stats and graphics. It has made performance reviews so much more targeted. Highly recommended!

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Barney DinesBarney Dines
Sales Director

I’m looking forward to acting on the learnings and can’t wait to see the benefits to our business. It’s early days in utilising WeThrive in our design business, but so far I can’t help but be impressed by new insights we have about our team.

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Adrian CaroenAdrian Caroen

We use WeThrive to ‘take the temperature of the team’ and uncover underlying staff issues that may affect performance. This new information enables us to design appropriate interventions to get things back on track much more quickly.


Janine OsmondJanine Osmond
Head of Learning & Development

WeThrive will complement and enhance the data obtained from the Best Companies survey, placing us in an even more informed position as to the way that staff are connecting with the business, and critically guide what to do to make things better.


Gareth WayGareth Way
HR & Training Director

We wanted to take a new approach to embedding happiness and a partner to help us do that in a creative yet proven way. WeThrive offered that to us with a sound platform, materials and model which will become the byword for talking about our happiness and engagement at work.


Bill OShaughnessyBill O’Shaughnessy
Vice President

The WeThrive solution has helped us more easily check and manage employee engagement and satisfaction. We know that with only a little bit of effort we can take the temperature and derive insightful feedback from our people. This puts us in a far better position to improve engagement within a fast growing business. WeThrive has been invaluable.

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Pat MacDonaghPat McDonagh
Chief Executive Officer

Traditional engagement surveys tend to be directed by a fixed understanding of the organisation as determined by the researcher, rather than by specific organisational drivers. WeThrive has developed a dynamic approach which does not rely on a fixed view but, rather, involves respondees’ – thus making the direction of the research co-productive. This has a major benefit in that respondees become stakeholders in the process and are, therefore, more likely to be involved in change processes resulting from research outcomes. Declaring results on a progressive basis allows incremental and sustainable organisational change thus avoiding a “big bang” approach which can often prove disruptive.


YVonne Murray Yvonne Murray FCIPD
Head of Human Resources

We know that the satisfaction of our customers is directly influenced by how they engage with individual staff.  As a result it was important for us to find a systematic way for managers to drill down to an individual level, how engaged and happy staff are at work.  We thought there would likely be themes emerging at organisation and team level so organisationally we need a simple way of collating and analysing the feedback. Once Gareth had demonstrated the product to our Middle Management team we came to a consensus that this would help us improve our services, alongside the appraisal process.

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Vince Furey Vince Furey
HR Manager

Surveys have been deployed and completed on all types of teams, from office based to highways workers. All have found the process simple and easy to complete even where staff are not IT skilled or using computers in their day to day roles.

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Wethrive IconCaroline Barkley
HR & OD Business Manager

The survey results were enlightening. I had been prevaricating for too long on several issues that were preventing the business from moving forward as quickly as I wanted. I have now implemented the changes and have not looked back since!

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John SellersJohn Sellers
Managing Director

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