Improve line manager leadership skills

Lauren Rolfe · February 21, 2019


Want to regain your focus and build a highly effective team? Keen to retain key staff for longer and deliver better results? People leave managers, not companies. It’s a phrase you’ve likely heard, but not necessarily paid too much attention to.

Most managers aren’t terrible at leading teams, but, and here comes the thing, many don’t really know how to get the best out of the employees they are leading. The truth is managers can easily damage morale, motivation and productivity, and that can be as much through inaction as inappropriate action.

Employee engagement is at the heart of business success, and managers have a huge influence in the engagement process. So, what do you do if your employees are struggling and your managers aren’t hitting the mark?

How can WeThrive help build line managers leadership skills?

WeThrive has a growing library of learning resources designed to improve line manager’s leadership skills and build happier more productive teams. In a nutshell, WeThrive provides:

  • 300+ hand-picked resources and expert WeThrive content addressing all of the challenges line managers face in managing a team. Our bank of learning resources includes TED Talks, animations, videos, HR podcasts, blogs, whitepapers and much more.
  • Insight into the likely causes of upset and underperformance in the workforce – all of our resources are related to a specific area of our corporate psychology 4C Model. For example, if a line manager knew a team member was struggling to find the time to step back and think, they simply visit the WeThrive Headspace section and share an article, TED Talk or podcast on time management.
  • Individualised resources to WeThrive customers that specifically address the challenges unearthed by your survey.

FREE TO USE – you don’t have to be a WeThrive customer to access these brilliant resources.

Why are we making this a FREE, accessible-to-all resource?

We are delighted to announce we are making our WeThrive resource accessible to everyone. This resource was originally only available to our registered clients. Now you don’t even have to be a WeThrive customer to view our library. Simply go to


  • We want to improve work for as many people as possible. We’ve removed logins so anyone can benefit from the resources in WeThrive.
  • Removing logins has created a smoother user experience. With no need to remember usernames and passwords, you can just access the resources you need instantly.
  • Line managers can quickly find learning resources to help tackle the challenges in their teams.

Plus, we’ve included employee-focused learning resources

WeThrive is not  just for line managers. We have added a range of learning resources for employees.


  • Employee engagement does not just fall to the line manager. Employees can play an active role in shaping their own engagement.
  • WeThrive provides employee-focused resources that staff can access themselves or line managers can share, enabling employees to be proactive and take ownership of their own employee experience.
  • Any employee who needs help improving an area of their working life that is causing them stress can find learning content to support them in making a change.

Why use WeThrive resources for building leadership skills?

Not everyone is a great leader, but average managers can learn how to do things better. The secret to business success is a high-performing, positive culture. Empower managers and teach them how to get the best out of their teams, and success will follow.

WeThrive is a rich and varied library of resources that is easy to access and share, and above all provides the information managers need to improve employee engagement and successfully lead their team with confidence. Resources for managers cover a wide range of subject matter from running effective meetings to handling difficult conversations and building a better culture.

Our employee-focused learning resources empowers employees to make positive changes to the way they work. Hyper-relevant content in easily-digestible formats gives your employees exactly what they need when they need it.

If you’d like to know more about WeThrive’s Employee Engagement software, call our super-engaged and friendly team for a no-obligation chat. We love to help businesses succeed and make managers epic.

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