Leading business success through listening

Andrew Heath · October 26, 2015

The CIPD annual conference in November is looking to be a successful event.  The topic of employee engagement is coming up again as it will probably every year because it is now recognised as a critical factor for improving productivity in companies.  This places productivity centrally in the hands of the HR team and challenges them to be the driving force for making a difference in the workplace.  Emma Bridger’s talk about “Developing effective employee engagement strategies for business success” is tackling this important issue head-on.  Her take on employee engagement stresses the importance of good communication with staff and overcoming barriers to achieving employee engagement.

For those at the sharp end the problem often starts with getting people to talk about what is really bothering them.  Employees often feel they can’t express their true feelings about their working environment without potentially damaging their careers.  Even if managers do want to listen the whole organisation needs to be set up to receive that feedback before anything can be done to change the culture for the better.

The WeThrive employee engagement tool can help an organisation both listen to its employees and change things for the better.  It takes a simple staff engagement survey and then drills down for more detail from the employee when it finds problems.  Then – and this is its biggest asset – it feeds back not only the survey results to managers, but they come accompanied by advice for the line managers on how to deal with the problems that arise. So even the average line manager can take steps to sort out problems without the help of expensive consultants parachuting in.

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