5 ways your Managers can Boost Employee Engagement

Tues, 19th July 2022 at 10 – 10:40 AM | BST

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This webinar is perfect for organisations who have made a start on engaging their people but want to work more strategically and truly embed employee engagement into their existing structure and culture, hardwiring it to overall business goals and outcomes.

Leaders at all levels play a critical role in engaging employees. In fact, 70% of the variance in team engagement across business units is explained by the quality of the manager. This means engagement can increase dramatically when your managers are equipped with the tools, resources and knowledge to engage their people. But how can time-pressed HR leaders evolve their engagement strategy to include the senior exec and line managers?

Watch the Recording


Join Andrew Heath on Tuesday 19th July at 10AM to learn how digital tools can give all your leaders the knowledge, skills and resources they need to keep their people engaged, happy and productive. Including:

  • Why managers are vital for engaging teams
  • ‘Walk the talk’ – how to get everyone involved in post-survey action planning
  • Holding managers accountable
  • Case study & guest speaker TBA
  • How WeThrive can supercharge your managers