Why a ‘Bottom-Up’ Approach is the Future

Weds, 20th July 2022 at 10 – 10:40 AM | BST

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This webinar is perfect for organisations who understand the impact of their employee engagement strategy, but are ready to truly transform culture and leadership in a way that places employee engagement at the heart of business.

In an ever-changing world where leaders cannot possibly have all the answers your people are your competitive advantage. Evidence shows that where an environment of trust, contribution and challenge is created, employees engage themselves; bringing their best selves – creativity, energy and innovation – to work.

For years managers have played a critical role in this, but largely within the confines of top-down hierarchical environments. However, the future of engagement requires a transformative bottom-up approach. Targeted engagement strategies and measures can help shape the change programmes required for this.


Join Andrew Heath on Wednesday 20 July at 10AM to learn how to empower every individual to own their employee engagement. Including:

  • Top-down vs. bottom-up engagement
  • Creating the right conditions for individual engagement
  • Getting more strategic and ‘change’ focused
  • Case study & guest speaker TBA
  • Demonstration: how WeThrive empowers individuals