Team leadership and employee engagement

Andrew Heath · March 20, 2013

What is team leadership and how do leaders nurture employee engagement?

For leadership to work, the leader has to be someone the others will follow. So how do you become that person? We can help…

First of all, we suggest that leaders stop trying to manage people. Manage things, schedules, etc, of course – but people need more than that. Management that involves telling people what to do will generate resistance and frustration – wasted effort that could be going towards meeting your customers needs.

Doing work well is a powerful source of satisfaction, so one of the best things you can do for your people is to help them achieve that. Most of them would already be doing so if they could, so there must be a roadblock of some kind, and you’ll need to find out what that is. This isn’t always straightforward – many common workplace problems are not visible to the naked eye.

This is where we can help – by asking the questions you don’t have time to ask, and opening up the hidden areas where you can help people work better. Then you’ll know more than the team themselves about what’s going wrong, and you’ll be in an authentic position to help them.

Every issue the WeThrive highlights becomes part of the action plan you share with your staff, facilitating the changes that bring more employee engagement and so more satisfaction, productivity and loyalty in your people.

Knowledge is the basis of all improvement – and our system generates the knowledge you need to be able to lead your people to better performance. To start filling in the gaps and get your people working more intelligently, get your free trial account now.