How To Motivate A Team

Andrew Heath · March 20, 2013

How To Motivate A Team

People put 100% effort into free-time activities, but how do you get that commitment in the workplace?
Want to know how to motivate a team? These are the key factors you need to consider.
The activities we love have a number of things in common – harness these factors at work and your staff will be unstoppable – provided they also have the right skills and backup and they are properly connected to their colleagues, the company and their work.

Performance depends on motivation – so how do you make that happen?



Nine things your people need to be motivated at work:

  1. Everyone needs to feel secure. Anxiety stops you thinking straight, so if your staff feel insecure, are being bullied, or aren’t sure what to do or how to behave, they won’t do what you are paying them for.
  2. Unless people have some control they become helpless – or start to fight back. Engaged staff need some choice in how they work, and we’ll help you set goals they will commit to.
  3. People’s attention can easily be overwhelmed. We’ll show you how to maximise brain-power and productivity, and help your staff stay focused.
  4. Networked minds are more creative and solve problems better, so people need connection into a social group. We’ll help you organise your groups to be more than the sum of their parts.
  5. Status is very important to us – look in the car park.  But real status comes from something else, and people need it to do their best work. Not everyone can be the boss, but your people each need some status in different ways.
  6. People need a little privacy – even the most energetic workers sometimes need to slow down for a minute and recover.  Our users understand how to design routines that work with this cycle.
  7. We also track your people’s sense of competence, success and achievement.  Positive feedback makes them feel better – and perform better, too.  Identify and fill knowledge and skill gaps, and your people will learn what it’s like to work at a higher level.
  8. Finally, staff need work to have meaning, or the best people move on to find it elsewhere.  It’d be good to keep these people – and we’ll show you how to do that.

If this sounds good why not get started and click here – we’ll show you where the opportunities are to increase engagement and motivation in your team, and what to do about it.