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Hold your managers accountable for their team

You’ve already made a great start on engagement and wellbeing, but how can you work more strategically to ensure you also meet business objectives? Talking about a people-focused workplace won’t cut it. You must empower your managers to walk the talk and drive real change.

Embedding engagement into your existing structure is easy when you equip line managers to view team-specific surveys to inform regular L&D, performance management and appraisals.

With WeThrive managers can survey their direct reports whenever they feel the need to, identifying quick wins, performance gaps and wellbeing issues well before they become problems. HR gets full oversight of the data and actions to support and coach managers to deliver results.

Employee engagement results dashboard

Top-down or bottom-up approach?

  • Significant effort to produce, share and discuss reports with managers on a regular basis
  • Managers are often left to work out and decide what to do next which often does not happen because of heavy workloads
  • Requires significant effort from HR to maintain momentum to deliver results on top of an already high workload
  • Most engagement surveys do not deliver a measurable impact, take a lot of time and are done infrequently
  • Managers can get to work instantly with their ready-made, targeted action plans
  • Managers can set goals, measure progress and complete tasks in WeThrive – with HR oversight
  • Transform the capability of your managers with curated resources and 50+ eLearning modules
  • Have complete visibility of who is working on what, their progress and outstanding actions

Heat map with employee engagement results

Empower your managers with detailed insights about their people

WeThrive Essentials provides your managers with a team survey results dashboard, recommended actions and goals to ensure they take accountability for engagement via KPIs. 

HR also gets access to a top level overview in a results heatmap, an online results review with a WeThrive expert and a free board pack filled with key findings to impress the board. 

This also allows your board to take accountability via engagement measures in the senior executive remuneration strategy and in annual reports & accounts.

This approach means engagement evolves from a standalone initiative seen as a ‘nice to have’ into a ‘business essential’ that drives real, lasting change.

Equip managers with ready-made action plans to help their people

Communicating the appropriate next steps to managers post-survey is often difficult.

Unlike other software, WeThrive gives your managers a ready-made list of specific, easy-to-follow recommendations they can take to help their team, supported with curated eLearning content.

With a library of over 1,000 actions, WeThrive Essentials provides your managers with targeted advice and recommendations based on live feedback from their team to easily improve engagement, wellbeing and productivity.

Action plan and results for employee engagement survey

Manager dashboard with team results

Track progress by setting smart goals

One of the biggest challenges post-survey is ensuring people commit to actions and follow them through.

Your managers can create goals from their action recommendations and update their progress giving you complete visibility of what is happening post-survey.

Easy to use administration tools allow you to chase up outstanding tasks and send reminders in a few clicks.

Transformative leadership training for your managers

WeThrive Essentials connects 350+ learning resources and our transformational leadership eLearning course for managers directly to manager action plans. This delivers bite-sized, timely and relevant content to their inbox, giving them the confidence to step up to the next level.

Have your own resources you’d like to connect? Sync your L&D content directly to WeThrive’s action plans so all the content, people (MHFA) and platforms (EAP, rewards) you already have get used more!

Recommendations and curated resources

 Full of Powerful Features

  • Unlimited employee engagement, mental health & wellbeing and D&I surveys
  • Add custom questions
  • Unlimited pulse surveys
  • Multiple data segmentation options
  • Anonymous or non-anonymous survey questions
  • Instant analysis and reports
  • Dashboard and heatmap display
  • Admin and manager dashboard with goal setting, action plans and recommendations

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Just £59 per person

  • PeopleHR & BreatheHR integration
  • Full manager survey control to push survey completions
  • eLearning course for managers
  • Board pack and complimentary results review

“Using a non-anonymous survey was revelatory. Anonymity results in a blended mish-mash of data and can only take you so far with understanding how people really feel. With individual insights you get absolute clarity about what is really happening and can pinpoint individual needs. This means the line manager can take ownership and really address each individuals requirements.”

David Blackburn FSCS


 David Blackburn

 Chief People Officer



Board Pack for WeThrive employee engagement results

Your Essentials plan contains:

  • Unlimited engagement, mental health & wellbeing, DEEI and pulse surveys with results delivered instantly
  • Curated action plans & recommendations for managers
  • Goal setting to track progress
  • eLearning for managers
  • Concierge onboarding and results review with a WeThrive expert

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