Performance Review Failures Top 10 – FORBES

Andrew Heath · September 4, 2013

Great post from Forbes on the 10 reasons a performance review can fail here are the first few paragraphs… well worth a read;

“In the world of organizational life, there’s no single discussion that causes so much fear and dread on the boss’s side and so much anger and resentment on the direct report’s side than the performance review.

I had drinks last week with a senior guy who works for a global financial institution, who had just had his year-end performance review a couple of weeks ago. He exploded in anger to me about the experience. “I’ve had it with those guys. They don’t give a s— about any of the work I’ve done in the last 3 years. I’m doing the old jobs of 4 people pre-2008 and they don’t thank me and they just want me to do more. I’m quitting.”

“Wait a second,” I said. “In this economy? You’re going to quit over this?”

“Damn right. I can find another job in the next month for what I do. If these guys don’t appreciate me, I’ll go somewhere else.”

Why do almost all performance reviews cause aggravation? Here are the top ten ways you can ensure your next performance with your reports will be a total bomb:”

How we can help

And where we can help with WeThrive…. make sure you miss these top 10 howlers;

  1. Too vague. WE CAN HELP HERE!
  2. Everything’s perfect – until it’s not and you’re fired
  3. Recency effect. & HERE!
  4. No preparation. DEFINITELY HERE!
  5. They never happen at all or “My people know my door is always open.” YEP GOT THIS ONE!
  6. No pats on the back
  7. No recognition for doing the work of 3 people
  8. Not being truthful with employees about their performance. CAN HELP HERE TOO
  9. No follow-up. THIS ONE’S COVERED
  10. No discussion around the report’s career ambitions.

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You can read the full post here on Forbes.