Mental Health and Wellbeing Surveys

That identify causes of stress, burnout and anxiety and provide instant recommendations

Designed with expertise from GPs, practical psychology and psychotherapy.

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The impact of mental health & wellbeing on your business

Employee mental health and wellbeing has never been so important. With mental health costing organisations an average of £1,684 per employee every year, its impact cannot be ignored. Learn more.

But the biggest challenge is identifying who actually needs help and providing the right support. Watch our quick demo to find out how you can deliver a guaranteed 10% improvement in mental health with WeThrive.

Wellbeing initiatives based on what people really need.

Our mental health survey identifies where your people are getting their psychological needs met and specifically what may be preventing them from meeting other needs in a healthy, balanced way.

Get a clear overview of the state of mental health in your organisation. Flexible segmenting means that wellbeing risks can be identified and solved early to avoid long-term problems.

Mental health and wellbeing survey heat map

Team insights for managers.

Improving mental health and wellbeing at work often requires action from management. But managers rarely have the insights to understand how to best support their team.

Give your managers access to an anonymous overview of their team’s survey results to help resolve underlying issues and create an environment where their team can thrive.

Help individuals help themselves.

WeThrive’s mental health survey can provide feedback directly to your employees. Seconds after completing the survey they can view their full results and personal action plans in their private login.

Connect employees with existing support by signposting your people to relevant, existing support and resources such as an EAP or mental health first aider.

Ongoing learning and development opportunities.

Employee action plans are linked directly to our extensive library of mental health and wellbeing learning content.

Connect your own learning content to WeThrive so employees can access it from their results dashboard.

Wherever you are on your wellbeing journey WeThrive has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Setting up a WeThrive account takes a few minutes and you can get results and action plans in a matter of days.  See all of WeThrive’s features.

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