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Empower your people with detailed insights about their employee experience

You understand how employee engagement contributes to achieving business goals, but what is the final step in transforming your culture and leadership to place engagement and wellbeing at the heart of business?

In an ever-changing world leaders & managers can’t possibly have all the answers. To create a truly revolutionary organisation that is set apart from its peers your people must be the competitive differentiator.

Therefore, you need participation from everyone. Transforming from a top-down approach where engagement is ‘done to’ people to a bottom-up approach creates the right conditions for people to engage themselves.

WeThrive Pro uses human needs psychology to cultivate a bottom-up culture of engagement, wellbeing and performance where contribution, collaboration and continuous learning and development are key.

Employee engagement results dashboard

Top-down or bottom-up approach?

  • Annual or infrequent feedback leaves employees feeling unheard and under valued
  • Individuals often do not experience any change in their day to day working life
  • Broad mental health and wellbeing initiatives address some, but not all, of your people’s deeper psyhcological, emotional and social needs
  • Your people are reliant on the busy people team or their manager to deliver help
  • In the hybrid working world each person has a different set of challenges base on their unique needs and situation that is never covered by a top-down survey
  • On-demand help, whenever your people need it, or schedule a survey from HR – total flexibility
  • Every person gets their own goals, action plans and curated content to take control themselves
  • Every individuals engagement and wellbeing needs are addressed to deliver a truly personalised employee experience
  • Employees can survey themselves whenever they want and then work on their actions themselves or with their manager – irrespective of their location or working arrangements

Manager action plans and coaching recommendations for employee engagement

Empower individuals with personalised, ready-made action plans to transform their EX

Communicating the best advice is impossible when everyone has differing needs. WeThrive Pro drills down into the specific aspects of engagement and wellbeing to identify the areas and stakeholders where the most positive impact is likely to be achieved.

Once identified, WeThrive’s action plans provide simple, detailed advice your people can use to instantly address these areas of concerns. No more waiting around for managers, just instant feedback delivered directly to the people who need it most. 

Try it yourself and see your results dashboard

Employees can easily track their progress in their personal dashboard

HR and line managers can access employee results and collaborate with staff to effect cross-functional change and create the right conditions for engagement. Then using targeted measures they can monitor and measure progress easily.

Personal accountability fosters long-term motivation, productivity and happiness. WeThrive enables employees to take control of their personal growth and professional development in their personal dashboard.

Your employees get access to over 1,000 actions, pre-loaded and 350+ learning resources. Plus signposting to all the other amazing content you already have.

Seconds after completing their survey they can view their full results and personal action plans in their private area, access the curated resources and start to improve things right away.

Individual employee results dashboard

Employee engagement results dashboard

Empower your managers with detailed insights about their people

WeThrive Pro gives you and your managers a dashboard with an overview of their team’s survey results, recommended goals and actions.

HR also get access to a top level overview in your results heatmap, an online results review with a WeThrive expert and a free board pack filled with key findings so you can impress your board.

Give managers insights to their team’s progress

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to engaging your workforce is ensuring people take ongoing action post-survey.

Your managers can create their own goals from their action plan and manage their people’s progress to keep them on track.

This makes performance management easy, with more intelligent 1-to-1s by driving meetings with data.

My team results dashboard

Sales team manager recommendations and learning content

Provide ongoing learning and development opportunities

Do you already have L&D content? Often we get “Netflix Syndrome”, spending hours scrolling until we find something relevant.

WeThrive Pro connects our 350+ learning resources and a transformational leadership eLearning course for managers directly to your action plans.

Signpost your employees to your own resources and relevant support such as an EAP or MHFA by easily connecting them with your WeThrive account.

 Full of Powerful Features

  • Unlimited on-demand employee engagement, mental health & wellbeing, D&I and pulse surveys
  • Add custom questions
  • Anonymous or non-anonymous survey questions
  • Instant results and insights delivered at an individual, manager and organisation level
  • Goal setting, action plans and recommendations for employees and managers
  • Heatmap and dashboard display of results
  • Concierge onboarding
  • Dedicated customer success team

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Just £99 per person

  • PeopleHR & BreatheHR integration
  • Full manager survey control to push survey completions
  • eLearning course for managers
  • Board pack and complimentary results review

“Using a non-anonymous survey was revelatory. Anonymity results in a blended mish-mash of data and can only take you so far with understanding how people really feel. With individual insights you get absolute clarity about what is really happening and can pinpoint individual needs. This means the line manager can take ownership and really address each individuals requirements.”

David Blackburn FSCS


 David Blackburn

 Chief People Officer



Employee engagement board pack

Your Pro plan contains:

  • Unlimited engagement, mental health & wellbeing, DEEI and pulse surveys
  • Insights, action plans & recommendations delivered at an individual, manager and organisation levelwethrive money back guarantee
  • Employee and manager goal setting to track and manage progress
  • eLearning for employees and managers
  • Concierge onboarding and results review with a WeThrive expert
  • 10% improvement guaranteed or your money back

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