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Over 30,000 people use WeThrive to find out how engaged their people are, which areas are working well and what they can do to improve the weaker areas.

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Listening to your people

You want to get feedback from your people, so where do you start? Often organisations turn to DIY surveys, using platforms like SurveyMonkey or TypeForm due to the perceived low cost.

But why spend hours writing, implementing and analysing surveys when you can get one designed by experts with instant action plans for a similar price?

By the time you start thinking about what questions to ask, your WeThrive survey will have been launched and completed. You’ll already be working through your action plans with total confidence that everyone has been heard and nothing has been missed.

WeThrive Employee engagement survey questions

DIY Survey or WeThrive?

  • Difficult to know what questions to ask, which can deliver biased results
  • Months of planning, implementing and then processing responses
  • Long delay between closing survey and employees seeing changes because the results are not actionable
  • Days spent producing and reviewing reports and deciding what to do next in workshops or focus groups which are hard to manage and take a lot of time
  • Money and time spent using a generic survey tool rather than a similarly priced specialist tool
  • Surveys designed by psychologists covering every aspect of working life
  • Launching a survey takes less than an hour and you get results instantly
  • Instant analysis and reports segmented by the organisation, teams and departments
  • Easy to understand, group and filter reports with quick win recommendations, actions and curated learning content for maximum impact
  • Starter Kit pricing is comparable to an off the shelf survey tool but packed with everything you need to increase engagement

Heat map of employee engagement results

Impress your board with clear insights about your culture

Your WeThrive starter kit includes a heatmap of results and a full survey dashboard to provide a baseline of how engaged your people are. You get an engagement score, participation rate, free text comments and a breakdown of average, high and low scores for the 16 areas of engagement.

This means that the moment your survey closes, you can identify the problem areas in your organisation and take action.

Presenting the results to your board or MD is quick and simple. Following a review of your results with a WeThrive expert you get a board pack filled with key findings and insights so you are fully prepped for your presentation.

Take action and deliver quick wins instantly

The biggest challenge (and why most people dread surveying more than once a year) is translating the data and insights into action.

With WeThrive you don’t have to. Unlike the DIY approach or other software, WeThrive instantly tells you what to do next post-survey.

Your starter kit has over 1,000 easy-to-follow actions, meaning you’ll receive targeted advice and recommendations to make improving engagement, wellbeing and productivity simple.

Coaching recommendations and action plan for employee engagement

 Full of Powerful Features

  • Unlimited employee engagement surveys
  • Add custom questions
  • Pulse surveys
  • Multiple data segmentation options
  • Anonymous or non-anonymous survey questions
  • Instant analysis and reports
  • Dashboard and heatmap display
  • Action plans and recommendations for improvement

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Just £9 per person

  • PeopleHR & BreatheHR integration
  • Full survey control to push survey completions
  • 350+ curated eLearning resources
  • Board pack and complimentary results review

I would have to say that the WeThrive survey is the best we’ve come across because it’s simple to complete for our team and so easy to analyse and then create real-world actions to improve. I would recommend the system to any company wanting to better understand and improve their levels of engagement.


 Sam Bernard


 DBD Distribution

Board pack and results review

Your Starter Kit contains:

  • Unlimited engagement & pulse surveys with results delivered instantly
  • Instant action plans & recommendations at every level of the business
  • 350+ curated learning resources linked to your recommendations
  • Ready-made Powerpoint / PDF board pack
  • Online 121 results review with a WeThrive expert to answer any questions and make sure you get the maximum value from your results


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