Goal Setting online makes performance improvement plans better

Piers Bishop · September 4, 2013

With WeThrive you can uncover the best development goals for your staff, without needing to hold meetings or do any kind of paperwork.   It’s an online service that diagnoses the roadblocks to intelligent performance in your team, and sends you the goals and action plans to put into your performance improvement plans or annual reviews.

WeThrive is here to make the annual appraisal into a real development opportunity,  turning the negatives in people’s working lives, conscious or not, into performance improvement plans that really work.

If you suspect your annual review process is not making staff happier and more productive, or if it creates a whole lot of extra work for you, why not click here and try WeThrive for free, or contact us to discuss how we can help make your annual reviews and appraisals a real development process your team will love.

There’ll be more soon from Andy Heath of WeThrive and Jeff Downs of mysalespunch on the WeThrive blog.