Employee Engagement Resources

Weds 21st September 2022 at 14:00 | BST

Lucy Adams: The Future of HR in a Disrupted World

Disruptive HR’s Lucy Adams explores how HR and leadership practices need to change fundamentally to keep pace with the needs of our organisations and our people.

Thurs 13th October 2022 at 14:00 | BST

Dave Ulrich: How to Empower Managers to Create High-Performance Teams

Professor, author and HR thought leader Dave Ulrich will explore why HR must evolve from work on human capital to human capability, and how effective leadership can deliver greater results.

Tues 8th November 2022 at 10:00 | GMT

Simon Fanshawe: A Human Approach to D&I

Broadcaster and writer Simon Fanshawe will discuss why we need to take a human approach to D&I and explore how your business can reframe its approach to create, support and value teams of difference.

Thurs 19th January 2023 at 10:00 | GMT

Andy Holmes: Why you need a Personal, Preventative Approach to Wellbeing & Mental Health

International Speaker and Former Global Head of Wellbeing, Andy Holmes will explore why HR needs to stop looking in the rearview mirror, and start taking a personal and preventative approach to mental health and wellbeing.

How Herbosch-Kiere Ltd Created a Positive Culture of Wellbeing

We like how WeThrive sheds light on opportunities as well as vulnerabilities, so we plan to continue distributing the surveys regularly to help identify any potential risks and address them quickly. The surveys also confirm that our latest initiatives are working. Our current recruitment drive will result in the team expanding, so we hope to see everything we’ve put in place benefit our current and new employees alike.

Manager Success Toolkit: Empower Your Managers to Engage Your Teams

Download the white paper to learn how to learn what your managers need to engage their teams.

Croydon Orthodontic Practice

I have been extremely impressed with the WeThrive product. As a new user, we have found the onboarding process extremely professional and the service has been excellent. Our team has found the system very easy to navigate and user-friendly. Having just received our first set of results, as a business it has been very revealing and helpful to see the various data analysis and how we compare to other companies within and outside of our industry. As a management team, this has really allowed us to laser focus our attention on the correct areas to maximise value for our staff and us as a business. Thank you to the team at WeThrive, particularly to Rachel and Lauren who have made the whole process seamless and highly successful.

Why strong manager-employee relationships are critical for your business

When you think back to the best job you’ve ever had, you’ll likely be thinking about the people around you. Inspiring teams, thoughtful and engaging managers and feeling connected to others. But is that how your people feel?

The Missing Manual: Working with Humans

Download the manual for a simple, step-by-step guide to understanding people in the workplace and helping them develop new behaviour that will work better. Do you and your managers truly…

Volt International empower their managers

As Volt International’s Head of HR, during the early part of 2021 I came across WeThrive entirely by chance and I am so glad that I did! The heatmaps that the survey generated gave us insight into the areas of our business where we had challenges to deal with, which to be honest we probably didn't even know existed! We found so much value in the post-survey action plans, which were filled with a wealth of resources, recommendations and training material that has been really useful and has provided us with tools to help develop our managers to get the best out of their people.

4 ways you can enable managers to support your engagement strategy

Employers have been dealt a difficult hand over the last few years. Covid-19, the Great Resignation and the cost of living crisis have significantly impacted their people. HR leaders were…

How Harwoods enabled their managers to boost engagement

Harwoods designed their manager conference around the theme “Relay” with all messages connecting back to this. They created a fun activity to get their managers even more involved in discussing the challenges in their teams and, importantly, working out how to fix them. They went back to sports day with 100 managers joining forces for a mega relay race featuring 4 enormous cubes – each relating to one of the surveys low scoring areas.