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You and your HR team are probably already working on employee engagement, culture, values and behaviours. That’s great. But, when will you see a real ROI and what is stopping your employees from reaching their full productivity potential?

WeThrive focuses management effort on the things that are preventing your employees from fully connecting with the visions and values of your business, to deliver change and improve employee engagement.

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Keep listening with pulse surveys

Regular surveys unearth problems before they become too difficult and costly to fix, especially where a toxic culture is deeply embedded.

Get to the root cause of issues

WeThrive gives you an understanding of the pinch-points and why employees aren’t happy. The 4C model that underpins WeThrive helps you to create a culture where your employees are motivated, enjoy their work and perform at their best.

Clear action points

Specific insights and clear action points signpost you and your managers on what to do next. Plus,help is always on hand from our team of employee engagement experts.

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Verley North, HR Manager, Travel Nation 

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It was a bit like ‘them and us’ before we had We Thrive, and now it’s ‘us’. It’s not about management and sales team or on all sales, it’s all about ‘us’ as a whole.

Verley North, HR Manager, Travel Nation 

This is HR gold! WeThrive has given me a fantastic insight into my teams with really clear and easy to follow stats and graphics. It has made performance reviews so much more targeted. Highly recommended!

Barney Dines, Sales Director, VW Heritage

Barney Dines, Sales Director, VW Heritage

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 Konditor and Cook saw an increase of 12% in meaning and sense of purpose using WeThrive

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WeThrive enables Konditor & Cook to segment their data allowing them to look at smaller groups of employees in specific business areas or shops.

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Whitepaper: putting people at the heart of business

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Research shows that most CEOs and CFOs see people initiatives as secondary to the main business KPIs. Discover how to get people initiatives squarely in the middle of the business strategy.

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Thanks to our powerful employee engagement software we have a proven track record of getting to the heart of our customers’ people problems. We guarantee an 80% completion rate and three insights and actions that will ensure your employees are thriving.

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