5 tips for unlocking motivation in your remote team

Thu, Mar 11, 2021 10:00 AM – 10:40 AM GMT

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Organisations facing falling motivation levels and increasing numbers of disengaged employees in 2021 may not come as a huge surprise. Last year, 45% of UK businesses reported feeling confused about what goals to prioritise during the pandemic which has had a significant impact on motivation levels and teamwork. Without a motivated, happy workforce productivity and quality of work will falter and leave employees feeling hopeless about work.

Under normal circumstances HR and business leaders could fix this problem by introducing incentives or creating a more stimulating environment to jump-start motivation. But do these old methods for boosting motivation still apply? How can we stay motivated a year into the pandemic with many of us still working at home and isolated from our teams?

This webinar has been designed by industry experts to help MDs and HR leaders unlock and maintain motivation across all levels of their organisation.

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Join Andrew Heath from WeThrive and Polly Barnes from The Talent Stack on Thursday 11th March @ 10am and discover how you can build an empowered and motivated workforce.

  • What really motivates people?
  • Impact of Covid-19 on your people – thriving vs. surviving
  • How motivation affects performance
  • The manager’s role in motivating employees
  • Q&A addressing top questions asked*
  • Demonstration of how WeThrive supports remote teams