Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work

Safeguarding employee wellbeing and mental health is not only an ethical requirement, but a legal one too. Discover how you can support your employees’ wellbeing with our range of content.


benefits of flexible working for employees
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  • The Benefits of Flexible Working for Employees

    You may have noticed that, recently, there has been an abundance of blogs, articles and studies about flexible working, but what are the benefits of flexible working for employees? Millions…

  • Employee Engagement Blogs
  • Dave & Wendy Ulrich: Enabling Your Personal Response to the Coronavirus

    Dave Ulrich, Most Influential Global HR Leader, 2021 and Wendy Ulrich, PhD were kind enough to provide this guest blog, asking the question: What resources do you need to better…

    individual stress risk assessment
  • Employee Engagement
  • Boost Engagement with an Individual Stress Risk Assessment

    What is an individual stress risk assessment? An individual stress risk assessment is a tool to help employers and managers measure, understand and act on employee feedback. With a focus…

    can i leave work due to stress
  • Employee Engagement
  • Can you Take Time off Work Due to Stress?

    Not all illnesses can be seen, and this has left many wondering can you take time off work due to stress? If you ring in sick, it is easier to…

    stress relief exercises at work
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  • Try These Stress Relief Exercises at Work

    Stress is the modern-day curse, but fortunately stress relief exercises at work can help. With our lives getting busier and more complex, stress levels are on the rise, and one…

    Womans looking at wellbeing apps
  • CEO Concerns
  • Free employee engagement and wellbeing tools for your workforce

    January is often a strange time at work for employee engagement and wellbeing. Returning from the Christmas break with a whole year ahead can be a daunting prospect, especially for…

    Goodbye 2020: new year in 2021
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  • Goodbye 2020: here’s what’s on the agenda for the new year

    It’s been a tough year for businesses with many facing hardship and loss as a result of the pandemic. But we’ve also seen companies take great strides to give back…

    wellbeing and productivity
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  • Why employee wellbeing and productivity are inherently linked

    Nearly all business leaders look for ways to improve productivity and workplace performance. But targets, KPIs and slicker tech, while important, aren’t necessarily the answer. It is often employee wellbeing…

    manager confidence crisis
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  • Managers’ confidence & wellbeing levels are falling. Here’s how business leaders can help.

    Coronavirus has created an entirely new world of work. Suddenly we’ve gone from 5.7% of employees working remotely to 43.1% and as we go into a second lockdown managers are…

    Duty of care for remote employees
  • CEO Concerns
  • Why corporate responsibility matters more than ever for remote employees

    The sudden, and in many cases unplanned, shift to remote working presents a host of challenges for employers. A major concern at a corporate level is ensuring organisations meet their…

    employee wellbeing
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  • Why 90% of UK CEOs are investing in employee wellbeing

    If Covid-19 has shown us anything it’s how quickly businesses have managed to adapt in the face of crisis. But among the complex challenges CEOs and MDs have faced since…

    world mental health day 2020
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  • World Mental Health Day 2020 – why it’s time to make mental health support available for us all

    World Mental Health Day 2020 has fallen in the midst of global economic uncertainty. However, it is encouraging to see organisations have taken strides to invest in mental health, with…


    mental health wellbeing and risk
  • Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work
  • Thurs, 18th Nov 2021 14:00 – 14:40 PM GMT

    Mental Health, Wellbeing and its Impact on Risk

    While the practical challenges of adapting to remote working were taken in stride, stress, burnout and anxiety have deeply impacted employees in financial services.

  • Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work
  • Tues, 9th Nov, 2021 10:00 – 10:40 AM GMT

    Psychological Safety in a Hybrid World of Work: A Personalised and Preventative Approach

    A psychologically safe environment is considered one of the key ways to help employees.

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    people data for people strategy
  • Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health at Work
  • Putting people at the heart of business

    Research shows that most CEOs and CFOs see people initiatives as secondary to the main business KPIs. How do you ensure people are viewed as your greatest asset?


  • CEO Concerns
  • Employee wellbeing: the game-changer guide

      This guide on employee wellbeing has been created in association with Access Group. Based on our collective experience and the data collected in our surveys, we have uncovered key…