Tools to improve productivity in remote teams

Thu, Sep 10, 2020 10:00 AM – 10:40 AM BST

Just a few months ago managing a team was infinitely easier – getting everyone together in one room for a coffee or lunch in the local (remember that?). Even in that environment many managers struggled to keep their teams on song – either due to lack of time, skills or data.

The pandemic has compounded these challenges and made line management harder than ever. The impact of this for business is potentially enormous, the double hit of lost productivity and the loss of crucial talent would be devastating to any organisation trying to get back on track as we move into the new world.

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This Webinar offers some insights into how digital tools can bridge the gap between the old world and the new one – giving managers the knowledge, skills and resources they need to keep their people happy, focused and productive.The webinar will cover:

  • Why remote teams are so hard to manage – what’s really different?
  • How to create a culture of listening, learning and doing in remote teams
  • Listening – why it is more important now than ever before
  • Learning – manager away days are a thing of the past – what are the options
  • Accountability – why you need to hold managers accountable for their teams
  • A blueprint for managing remote teams using WeThrive