Lucy Adams: Influencing Leaders and Managers

Tuesday 24th October at 10AM | GMT

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Meet the Speaker

Lucy Adams is one of the most innovative and inspirational speakers in the HR profession. Having led HR in major organisations such as the BBC and held Board-level HR roles she knows why HR has to change and offers genuinely fresh perspectives on how to do it.

Lucy is the founder of Disruptive HR which she created having grown frustrated with the lack of innovation and fresh thinking in the profession. She and her team work with business leaders and HR professionals across the world to help them lead, engage and develop their people differently.


In this webinar, Lucy Adams from Disruptive HR will explore why organisations need to empower their line managers with the tools and confidence they need to create thriving teams that deliver exceptional results.

If we are going to achieve this, then we need our leaders and managers to change how they do things too – and we know how tough it can be to get leaders to change!

Join us on 24th October at 10:00 AM, where Lucy will explore how you can influence leaders to be open to change and to adopt new behaviours, including:

  • Understanding why leaders find it hard to change
  • New approaches to dealing with resistance
  • Giving your leaders more options to suit the needs to their team
  • How you can create the conditions for them to try and fail
  • Marketing techniques to change behaviour
  • Building your credibility through delivering differently