Manager Training Academy 5th of March @ 10am: Handling Difficult Conversations

Manager Training Academy: Handling Difficult ConversationsThis 1 hr – free to attend – live training webinar on 5th of March @ 10am, bought to you by Daniel Smith from Primed, in collaboration with WeThrive, the employee experience platform.

People managers hold the keys to the success of any businesses. Managers are essential in fostering a positive work environment. Managers who foster a culture of mutual recognition and fairness among team members tend to cultivate stronger teams that deliver significantly better results.

One of the key areas that managers struggle with is how to handle difficult conversations – when managers lack these skills they often shy away from these vital conversations and as a result, performance suffers. However, with awareness, preparation, and the right skillset, difficult conversations become easier to have, and create the right culture for everyone to thrive in your organisation. This live training is aimed at anyone with people management responsibility at any level in any organisation.

If you would like to tackle these conversations head on, and save yourself £150+ per manager for professional training, then sign yourself up all your managers!

Learning outcomes for Handling Difficult Conversations:

  • Handling Difficult Conversations – what to look out for
  • Communication styles
  • Barriers to good communication
  • Natural reactions to difficult conversations
  • Soft skills to deploy + preparation and maintaining control
  • Agreeing actions
  • The DESC model

Handling difficult conversations is arguably the most powerful tool in the arsenal of a manager, but rarely do managers feel confident in doing so. During the course of this webinar, Dan will provide a short training session for people managers to equip them with an understanding of the importance of tackling conversations head-on, and to teach some of the soft skills required to enable them to apply these skills with confidence within their own teams.

If you don’t want your managers to miss out on this first-class training on arguably one of the hardest parts of their roles – sign them up using this form, or share the link to this page.

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