Lattice vs WeThrive

WeThrive is often compared to Lattice, but why do customers choose us? Clear Review and WeThrive are both designed to improve performance, wellbeing and engagement, however, they both take a different approach.

“WeThrive just got us from the start. We tendered WeThrive against two other large, international organisations, Lattice and Supermood. WeThrive was competitive but they took the time to understand Ergro and our needs from the outset. WeThrive was extremely easy to deal with. The set up of the system and formulation of the survey questions very straightforward, our 100% completion rate being testament to this.”

Paul Martin, Managing Director, Ergro

Why should people consider switching from Lattice to WeThrive?

According to customers, WeThrive is better at meeting requirements, is easier to set up, has greater ease of admin, a higher quality of support and WeThrive is a greater partner to do business with. WeThrive’s product direction is also flagged as more impressive than Lattice.

What makes WeThrive really stand out in the market is our intelligent surveys and Intelligenda®️. Customers scored WeThrive higher for pulse surveys and science-based templates than Lattice. WeThrive’s surveys and recommendations are based on our 4C models developed from Human Needs psychology with contributions and expertise from GPs, workplace psychologists and psychotherapists.

WeThrive’s engagement survey results can also integrate seamlessly with performance reviews, and our intuitive dashboards and tools such as the Intelligenda®️ enable high-quality conversations every time.

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Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say about WeThrive.

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Performance reviews

WeThrive’s performance reviews are supported by fully-customisable questionnaires that ensure both employees and managers can have productive, high-quality and relevant conversations. Employees and managers collaborate to build their own Intelligenda, focusing on the most important areas that they want to discuss ahead of time. This ensures both parties are fully prepared for their 1:1 review meeting.

Lattice also uses questionnaires to determine how your people, their managers and their peers feel about their performance. 1:1 agendas can be created in Lattice, however this is mostly used as a career development tool and engagement results and review questionnaire results cannot be easily dropped into the agenda.

Both WeThrive and Lattice enable managers and employees to request and schedule review meetings that integrate with your calendar. Similarly, both offer a talent snapshot where managers can offer a form of ratings for their people.

A huge part of WeThrive is the inclusion of our intellectual property in our 3 survey types (engagement, D&I and wellbeing) plus onboarding and offboarding pulse surveys. The platform also provides a number of best practice performance review templates, however, these can be completely customised to your needs.

Why the Intelligenda® is crucial to your performance management strategy

WeThrive has developed a brand new approach to delivering maximum value through our performance review tool. Intelligenda® is a trademarked process to ensure employees and managers real requirements and objectives are included in any review process. This ensures you always deliver measurable value to the business and performance gains across the organisation.

Making sure 1:1s happen is just the first step – the focus of the WeThrive Intelligenda® is to put the process on auto-pilot and give managers and employees the tools they need to have meaningful, quality conversations – this is what great performance management is really about.

Using feedback from pre-review questionnaires, engagement surveys and goals, your managers and employees can include anything they want to discuss. This ensures your conversation is always focused precisely where it needs to be to deliver the most value.

WeThrive also makes life easier for everyone. You can completely automate the process of requesting and scheduling 1:1s.

Core surveys

WeThrive offers three core intelligent surveys: employee engagement, mental health and wellbeing, diversity, equality, equity and inclusion, plus customisable pulse surveys. By comparison, Lattice only offers pulse surveys and employee engagement surveys (with a few broad questions surrounding the topics of wellbeing and D&I).

WeThrive allows you to survey anonymously and non-anonymously so you can get to the heart of what each individual really needs. Lattice takes a different approach and only delivers anonymous feedback, which prevents managers from offering specific and targeted support.

What really makes WeThrive stand out against other providers for these core surveys are our action plans designed with contributions from contributions and expertise from GPs, workplace practical psychologists and psychotherapists. WeThrive has over 1,000 actionable recommendations that are delivered at the organisation, manager and employee level. These bite-sized actions are completely curated to your people’s needs and enable your people to take action in the flow of work, with simple, easy-to-follow advice written by professionals. Managers and employees can set goals to remain accountable and keep on track.

By comparison, Lattice provides limited ‘Suggested Actions’ designed by their Customer Experience and Marketing teams who have taken actions from real client use cases or recommendations. This approach often means that the advice isn’t always suitable, because what worked for a small team’s wellbeing at a garden centre is unlikely to work as effectively for a finance team in a large software company.

Intelligent surveys, actionable recommendations

WeThrive’s bite-sized actions are completely curated to your people’s needs and enable your people to take action in the flow of work, with simple, easy-to-follow advice written by professionals supported with curated content to help them on their way. Managers and employees can set goals to remain accountable and keep on track.




Employee engagement survey  ✔️ ✔️
Performance reviews ✔️ ✔️
Pulse surveys and templates ✔️ ✔️
Performance review survey template ✔️ ✔️
Goals & OKRs ✔️ ✔️
D&I survey ✔️
Mental health and wellbeing survey ✔️
Sync with my HRIS ✔️
Specific, bite-sized actionable recommendations ✔️
Intelligenda® to drive meaningful conversations ✔️
Curated learning content and eLearning courses for managers ✔️
Dedicated customer success team member ✔️
Talent snapshot ✔️

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Frequently asked questions

How long does WeThrive take to set up?

WeThrive can be accessed via your browser on any device, so implementation is very quick and easy. Setting up your WeThrive account takes just a few minutes. Our customer success team can guide you through importing your people’s data, or you can follow our 5 simple steps help guide.


Scheduling your first survey takes just 5 minutes. After importing your data, employee surveys can be taken the same day or you can schedule your first survey for a later date. (We recommend allowing sufficient time for pre-survey communication so that you maximise your participation rates.)


This means surveys results, action plans and curated content can be in front of managers and administrators instantly.

Is there a limit on how many surveys we can send?

No, you have an unlimited number of surveys in your account. Individuals can also take surveys as often as they like to ensure they get the best employee experience possible.

What results can WeThrive guarantee?

We’re so confident that our clients will see rapid results in 90 days that we offer a full money-back guarantee.

If, for whatever reason, you decide that WeThrive isn’t the right fit for you, we’ll give you your money back. Learn more here.

What is WeThrive's participation rate?

On average, WeThrive delivers an 81% participation rate. When employees start to see feedback taken on board and acted upon they are much more willing to commit time and effort to surveys.

Who can access the survey reports and action plans?

Your account administrator can choose who has visibility over the survey reports and action plans. Employees, managers and executives all have access to their own dashboard where these can be viewed.

Can WeThrive integrate with my existing HR software and comms tools?

Yes. WeThrive integrates seamlessly with a number of different HRIS systems so you can seamlessly sync your people’s data directly to your WeThrive account.


WeThrive also integrates with Slack, so you can send survey reminders to your people.


Learn more about our integrations.

What support do you provide post-setup?

Our UK based customer success team provide ongoing phone, email and in-app support to all customers. We can deliver a full concierge setup for your initial surveys and quarterly account management meetings. We also have a full online knowledge base and we produce regular content to support your HR strategy.

Can I refer a friend?

Yes. Help a friend to thrive and boost your HR budget with our dedicated referral program. Earn 10% cashback on (based on the value of new customer contract you’ve introduced us to excl. VAT) on any referrals who become customers of WeThrive.