Leadership and line manager capability

It’s said that 50% of people leave their boss, not their job. However, expecting all line managers to be amazing ‘people people’ while delivering on their KPIs is a big ask.

Some managers don’t have the natural aptitude to look after their teams, some don’t have the time, some have never learnt – and taking the whole management layer away for a 3 day workshop to learn the skills is generally out of the question. But the ROI from developing managers’ skills can be up to 400%.

What you need is a way to give line managers a hand, so they can see where the opportunities lie to help their teams thrive, and can feel confident about starting a conversation, knowing they will be on the right lines. WeThrive delivers precisely this at the point of need on any device, showing what the priorities are, what to do and how to do it.

Now your leaders and line managers can focus their precious time right where it will have the biggest impact – whether in the senior leadership team or the shop floor. Saving thousands on training, downtime and disruption, and providing a long term, sustainable platform for improving the manager-employee relationship.

We wanted to support our managers in developing and retaining our most valuable asset, our people. WeThrive has not only enabled managers to have more meaningful conversations with their staff but the software has also provided insights at team and company level. These insights have empowered the business to make changes at both the macro and the micro level to ensure we reach our business goals with a motivated and engaged workforce.

Stuart Dawson, MD Pure360

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