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Staff turnover is costly and disruptive. It costs over £30,000 to replace the average employee, and has a detrimental effect on staff morale. Gaps in terms of fully trained people in your workforce will also have an impact on productivity and ultimately hit your bottom line.

Why are your people leaving?

Exit interviews and Glassdoor reviews can give you some insight into why employees are leaving your company. But how useful is this when the information comes too late to save those who have gone and were a real asset to your business?

The crux is to understand how your people are feeling and do something about it before they decide to leave. WeThrive can give you the insights you need to understand how your employees are feeling and the tools and guidance to take immediate action and make a difference.

People naturally seek out the places and people where their needs will be met. As humans we need to feel valued and as employees we need to believe in the purpose of an organisation.

When you genuinely understand how your staff are feeling you can take the necessary steps to ensure your staff stay aligned with your organisational aims. With real-time insights you can address niggles, retain top talent and guide your business to success.


Retain top talentImprove staff retention in a challenging economy

We live in unprecedented times. The technology revolution is upon us, we have the uncertainty of Brexit, and unemployment levels are at a record low. In addition, we have an increasingly Millennial-heavy workforce.

Millennials happen to care about who they work for. Right now, we are in an employee-led jobs market with a discerning workforce. People are interviewing prospective employers, not the other way around. Retaining top talent is now the key to competitive advantage.


Assess engagement strategies and implement a plan

Understanding your workforce and addressing any problems before they cause staff to leave is vital in today’s economic climate. But, understanding employee’ needs and implementing a plan for positive change isn’t easy.

Developing a strong workplace culture where employees want to be, takes commitment and time. Using employee engagement surveys is a good place to start in creating a culture of feedback and trust.

Whether you choose to use an anonymous survey or a non-anonymous one, you are starting your journey in trying to understand and engage with your employees. It can feel like quite a leap moving towards a non-anonymous employee engagement survey, but in our experience, employers are delighted by the better yielded results and feel more empowered to make effective change.

Fully understanding problems in the workplace and being able to resolve them has huge value in effecting positive change. At WeThrive we understand that not all businesses are on the same page when it comes to understanding their people better. Our Employee Engagement Evolution Model supports your business wherever you are with your employee engagement plan. We’ll work with you to devise and develop a plan that will boost your engagement efforts and deliver effective change.

WeThrive clients listening to their employees and improving staff retention

“Since using WeThrive retention rates in this team have increased by 19%. There was also a strong correlation with low scores and low productivity and high scores and high productivity. Proving that the more engaged the workforce is, the better they perform.”

Rebekah Tapping, HR Director, Personal Group

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Increasing turnover, varying levels of productivity in a remote team meant there was little visibility on how individuals were feeling on a day to day basis…something needed to change.

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