Duty of care for remote employees
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  • Why corporate responsibility matters!

    The sudden, and in many cases unplanned, shift to remote working presents a host of challenges for employers. A major concern at a corporate level is ensuring organisations meet their…

    remote team manager
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  • How to make a success of managing your remote teams

    Not so long ago, getting everyone together in one room for a pep talk was a go-to management tool. It was never a walk in the park, but with remote…

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  • A human side to enterprise – at last

    Almost sixty years ago Douglas McGregor published what should have been a ground-breaking book called The Human Side of Enterprise. It contains pretty well everything you need to know about…

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  • Making work fun

    I just received an email asking “Could Ping Pong, ice cream or space hoppers help you to improve key HR issues such as productivity, wellbeing, engagement and absence management?” The…

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  • Getting buy-in for the staff survey

    Millions spent, to what purpose? According to SurveyGizmo a typical employee survey might get about 35% response rate. InSync suggest that a really well-designed staff survey could get a 60%…

    Employee engagement strategies need rethink
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  • Employee Engagement strategies need rethink – Oracle

    Oracle Simply Talent has been looking at the way employee engagement is treated in business, and concludes that HR teams are uniquely qualified to make it work, but at the moment they…

    Expedia - ViaggioRoutard Flickr CC
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  • Best UK workplace knows about employee engagement strategies

    You may have noticed (hard to escape it) that Expedia has just been voted the best place to work in Britain.  As a result, journalists of all sorts have been making their…

    Motivation theory
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  • Motivation theory and what does it mean to thrive?

    As you can imagine, that’s an important question to us. And in a field full of similarly vague concepts (happiness, satisfaction, engagement, motivation and so on) it seems an important…

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  • Stress is the key to absence management

    The CIPD‘s annual survey on absence management paints a fairly grim picture. Stress-related absence is up on last year in most sectors, especially in the public services, and only a…

    Prêt a manger finds a happy team means great results. Image by Justin Goring, Flickr CC
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  • A happy team makes for tasty results

    If you were listening to the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 this morning you may have heard the chief executive of Pret a Manger sounding very happy about the…

    Ryanair taking off. Simon Allardice. Flickr CC Licence
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  • Ryanair has learnt how to win customers the hard way

    Great news for air travellers – the boss of Ryanair, the man we thought would never learn how to win customers and keep them, has had a change of heart.…

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  • Insights Discovery and WeThrive – what’s the difference?

    Interesting question from the head of the Learning Academy in a very big multinational company: what’s the difference between WeThrive and the Insights Discovery system? On the face of it there ought…


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  • Dave Ulrich: Achieving Optimal Performance

    The ultimate guide to better performance management with OKRs and quality conversations.