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Employee Bubbles

Self Analysis Tool

Every voice in your company matters. That’s why each employee gets a personalised WeThrive bubble to track and view their recommended actions, insights and progress. Employees can survey themselves at any time to get instant feedback for improvement from our digital psychologist.

Employee Action and Insight

Turn insight into instant, simple actions. Employees who are in control of their personal growth and set individual goals experience frequent powerful wins. Personal accountability fosters long-term motivation, productivity and happiness in your organisation. Employees can keep on track with our digital coach who provides encouragement and reminders to ensure personal goals are met.

Personalised eLearning Resources

Employees no longer need to wait for one-on-ones or annual personal development meetings. Our digital teacher provides instant access to bite-size interactive eLearning modules helps your people discover how to reach their goals – and helps you cultivate internal talent. Completing goals and learning content drives ongoing personal growth and ensures productive conversations about employee progress.

Manager Bubbles

Make Things Quick and Simple

Take away the guesswork and give managers access to a daily overview of their team’s performance and wellbeing. Lighten your manager’s load by giving employees the ability to self-analyse and resolve personal goals.

Automate time-consuming tasks and let WeThrive show your managers what people actions they really need to take. Managers can also set personal goals to remain accountable for their team.

Manager eLearning Resources

Corporate training days are a thing of the past. Fit compact, relevant training around your daily schedule with targeted learning content for managers. eLearning modules are relevant to manager goals and employee needs to drive productive and meaningful interactions.

Corporate Health Check

Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in real-time by keeping a 24/7 pulse on your business heath.

Employee bubble information flows up the organisation so directors can access an instant overview of your people’s health, engagement and motivation levels for review at board level.

Dive deeper into reports and analysis with WeThrive’s 16 unique factors that influence employee productivity and wellbeing.


Get 10 Free Users


Pulse survey

Want to take a quick temperature check? Build your own pulse survey to get quick feedback from employees about specific changes in your organisation.

Anonymous or non-anonymous?

Your people have the choice. Insights for managers, HR and business leaders can be far more significant when results are non-anonymous. Individual surveys provide valuable feedback with instant action points. It can feel like quite a leap moving towards a non-anonymous survey, but our customers are delighted by the results and feel empowered to make effective change. Build a culture of trust with non-anonymous surveys and reap the benefits.

Corporate benchmarking

Want to see how your organisation compares across departments, managers, units, teams and locations? Our benchmarking capabilities help you to segment and manage your data in a way that suits you.

How does your organisation compare to others within your industry? WeThrive shows exactly where your organisation fits into the industry average.

See how you compare with our free employee experience grader now. No emails or personal details needed.

Getting Started

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Getting Started

Step 2

Get back your results! Your digital psychologist will analyse the data and present it back to you.

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Getting Started

Step 3

Identify where you are struggling and see how you can progress with personalised action plans. Create goals to help you get there with your digital coach.

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Step 4

Understand the steps you can take to progress with personalised eLearning content provided by your digital teacher.

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Step 5

Reissue surveys at your discretion to run another self-analysis check. Manage your ongoing progress to see engagement, wellbeing and productivity soar.

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