Employee Engagement Surveys

That tell you what to do next.

Looking to reduce churn, improve performance or boost engagement? Our surveys identify when your people feel disengaged and intelligent insights tell you exactly how to fix it.

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Engaged workforces are better for business

Employee engagement is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’. Research shows engaged teams are 4 times more profitable and 57% more efficient.

During a time when it costs £30,614 to replace a departing employee, reducing churn is vital. Engaged employees are 87% more likely to stay and deliver their best work. Learn more.

But identifying who needs what support can be challenging. Watch our quick demo to find out how WeThrive can improve employee engagement by 14% for your organisation.

WeThrive works at all levels of the organisation

Get a clear view of your culture

Are you gathering feedback from your employees for the first time? Or looking to improve the way your organisation plans, implements and follows up on survey results?

Identify opportunities and vulnerabilities in real-time. Engagement, performance and retention risks can be identified and addressed before they become a problem.

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Employee engagement survey heat map and recommendation

Employee engagement manager dashboard

Level up your managers

Want to hold your managers accountable for their team’s engagement & performance?

Give managers access to a live overview of their team’s results, recommendations and goals. Working in partnership with employees, managers can identify and help resolve underlying issues using their team action plans.

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Empower individual employees

Employees can take a self evaluation survey at any time and get instant, personal feedback for improvement.

They can also track and view their recommended actions, insights and progress in their very own dashboard.

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Employee engagement individual employee dashboard

Asking the right questions is essential.

WeThrive surveys are designed by psychologists to get to the root of what needs to change (see our science). You can also add your own custom questions to gather additional feedback.

employee engagement survey question

employee engagement results dashboard and insights

Instant intelligent reports.

The minute your survey is closed our software works out what needs to happen next. It shows you which areas you excel in and which areas need additional support.

No more “now what?” moments.

WeThrive generates clear action plans supported with curated learning content.

Unlike other software, WeThrive tells you specifically what to do next post-survey. Over 1000 easy-to-follow actions are designed to improve your peoples’ employee experience.

employee engagement survey action plan and recommendations

employee engagement resources and learning content

Ongoing learning & development opportunities.

WeThrive helps managers and employees reach their goals with 350 learning resources.

Connect your own learning content to WeThrive so managers and employees can access it from their results dashboard.

Wherever you are on your engagement journey WeThrive has done the hard work so you don’t have to.

Setting up a WeThrive account takes a few minutes and you can get results and action plans in a matter of days. See all of WeThrive’s features.

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